• If the BPC is correct in their numbers, it is unlikely that the U.S. government would default on interest payments to investors.

    FORBES: U.S. Treasury To Run Out Of Money By Feb. 15, Study Says

  • It is accused—probably wrongly—of hinting that access to this money would be easier if Ecuador were to default on interest payments to private bondholders.

    ECONOMIST: A default to order?

  • The decision by the Fed to offer emergency liquidity to Bear Stearns and to facilitate its acquisition by JPMorgan Chase had less to do with the size of Bear's balance-sheet than with its central role in markets for credit-default and interest-rate swaps.

    ECONOMIST: Paradise lost

  • They have stayed strong since Russia's default, allowing interest rates to be slashed this year.

    ECONOMIST: Central Europe

  • In the meantime, threatening default on the interest payment is an important club Clearwire has to swing at Sprint.

    FORBES: Clearwire Plays Hardball As Sprint Stays Stuck On Moneyball

  • So we are left with President Obama threatening to default on national debt interest, Social Security benefits, and paychecks for troops and their families if Congressional Republicans do not go along with his demand for trillions more in additional national debt with no spending controls, even though there is plenty of money in incoming tax revenues to pay all of these most urgent obligations.

    FORBES: Addressing The Various Debt-Limit Delusions

  • Given the currently very low short term interest rates (and assuming that the effect would be the same) that would mean that a default on Aug 2 could double short term interest rates.

    FORBES: The Last Time the United States Defaulted on Treasuries

  • Have a default on the term and the interest, not on the capital.

    FORBES: Eurozone: How They Really Solved The Greek Debt Problem

  • Credit derivatives have made it easier to separate the credit risk (the danger of default) of bonds from the interest rate risk.

    ECONOMIST: The credit squeeze

  • On Tuesday June 1st, Argentina unveiled an improved offer to its private bondholders—worth about 25 cents on the dollar—which acknowledged its creditors' claims to interest unpaid since its default.

    ECONOMIST: The Fund's golden Rato

  • Issuers and bond underwriters, as well as many bondholders want to limit the calling of a default to a failure to make interest or principal payments to bondholders when they are due.

    FORBES: Even If A Bond Doesn't Default, You Can Still Lose Your Money

  • The German fear was that, without it, every euro member would have an incentive to run a big deficit, since the cost in higher interest rates and greater default risk would be shared collectively.

    ECONOMIST: Europe's single-currency rules

  • All cleared OTC derivatives will be available including interest rate swaps, credit default swaps, energy swaps, non-deliverable forwards and equity swaps.

    FORBES: Innovation Coming to OTC Cleared Derivatives

  • Other government policies that have distorted financial markets, thereby undermining the EMH, include shielding credit-rating agencies from lawsuits, government-sanctioned fair-value accounting rules, enforcing credit-default swaps where there is no insurable interest, mispriced deposit insurance, government-sponsored enterprises, and the over-promotion of home ownership.

    ECONOMIST: Economic reasoning

  • But a unit of insurer XL Capital, which held some of ESP's junior notes, pointed to a different section of the contract, claiming that in the event of default all note holders would continue getting interest payments before dishing out any principal to BNP Paribas.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • We are working with customers because it is meant to bring a lot more transparency, a lot more reporting, much more in market data flows, a lot more storage of trading records for longer and it brings into its orbit a lot of esoteric instruments like interest rate swamps, credit default swaps and collateralized debt obligations.

    FORBES: New Financial Regulations -- Profitable Opportunities, For Vendors

  • So we really are into triple digit interest rates just to cover the default rate alone.

    FORBES: Why Payday Loans Are So Expensive

  • Because they have a higher risk of default, struggling companies must pay a higher interest rate to borrow money.

    FORBES: Are Your Stocks Doomed?

  • The kicker is that a confession of judgment typically includes a paragraph that introduces an escalated interest rate from the date of default.

    FORBES: Connect

  • They argue that such a rash move will cause the U.S. to default on outstanding debt obligations, thereby sending interest rates sharply higher across the board.

    FORBES: Why The U.S. Needs To Stop Dodging The Debt Bullet

  • Fears of a world recession following Russia's default last autumn prompted the Fed to cut interest rates three times, by a total of three-quarters of a percentage point.

    ECONOMIST: Goldilocks or gridlock? | The

  • Although the investments resembled bonds, paying buyers a fixed interest rate for taking on the default risk of corporate debt, the products invested in synthetic collateralized debt obligations held by Lehman.

    FORBES: Riding Herd

  • What really matters is whether the interest margin properly reflects the risk of default.

    ECONOMIST: The banks' contribution to the economy has been overstated

  • This sets off a death spiral of falling GDP, rising unemployment, and rising interest rates, which eventually leads to default.

    FORBES: Watching With Horror As The U.S. Plumbs The Depths Of Austerity

  • The simultaneous contracts could be arranged to replicate any agreed interest rate while providing legal protection against default on one side and loan sharking on the other.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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