• Carnival's best protection against ravenous tax collectors is the ease with which it could decamp.


  • Many Louisianans fret that Gulf-based drilling rigs will decamp for West Africa or Brazil.

    ECONOMIST: New Orleans five years after Katrina

  • As international forces increase their pressure on Somali jihadists, some are likely to decamp to Yemen.

    ECONOMIST: Yemen’s election

  • Wainewright and his wife were compelled to decamp to Linden House in Chiswick, where he had spent the happiest years of his childhood.

    ECONOMIST: Literary history: Murderous man | The

  • Some might decamp from Mexico anyway in 2000, because of political uncertainty: the ruling party could lose for the first time in 71 years.

    ECONOMIST: Sexophobia

  • So far, SARS hasn't prompted any factories to decamp to Mexico.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • This weekend Mr Blair and his family will decamp to France, to a spot also handily European and handily close to where Lionel Jospin is putting up his feet.

    ECONOMIST: Wish you weren’t here

  • As out-of-state banks, like the ones in Texarkana, Texas, offer more flexible credit packages, businesses and owners of expensive homes will continue to decamp to the Texas side of the line.

    ECONOMIST: Usury laws: The bad side of town | The

  • Hoping to gain status in securities underwriting and get in on the tech boom, BofA bought Montgomery Securities in 1997, only to have its leader, Thomas Weisel, noisily decamp to form his own shop.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Corporations will surely decamp for tax havens.

    FORBES: There They Go Again: The 'People's Budget' And High Tax Rates

  • With over 26, 000 restaurants in North America on the OpenTable platform and an installed base of equipment in each, not only is it a hassle for restaurants to decamp from the service, but also it would be very challenging for the next OpenTable to successfully enter the marketplace.

    FORBES: 5 Marketplaces that Will Work in 2013

  • Although with sufficient bribes for its angry followers courtesy of Israel and the US, Fatah may be able to temporarily resuscitate itself (at least until its leaders feel secure enough with the size of their Swiss bank accounts to decamp to Borneo), Hamas's consolidation of its control over Gaza has nonetheless sealed Fatah's death warrant.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Olmert's international coalition

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