• At laboratories at the American Sports Medicine Institute in Alabama and the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, orthopedists and biomechanists place dozens of sensors on pitchers and have them throw in front of a series of infrared cameras that measure their motions and turn the windup into a three-dimensional computer graphic.

    WSJ: Baseball 2013: Here Come the Flamethrowers

  • Provo, the home of Brigham Young University, is a high-tech hub, the home of Novell and hundreds of other computer and graphic-design companies.

    ECONOMIST: Schumpeter: The Mormon way of business | The

  • They would work in fields like computer gaming, graphic design and architecture (provided, of course, they didn't design anything too big).

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Imagine a world in which traditional resumes are obsolete because the best computer programmers, graphic designers, biologists — and other highly skilled professionals — can be spotted more reliably by studying their stream of postings on social networks catering to their career interests.

    FORBES: No Resume? No Problem! Show Us Your Social Stream Instead

  • The problem, apparently, was not the content of the piece, but the fact that it included an accompanying graphic showing computer-generated images of nude males.

    FORBES: Facebook Pulls Down 'Penis Size Matters' Study Link

  • That's the equivalent of about 100 DVD-quality movies, 30 Blu-ray movies, 30, 000 songs or 40, 000 photos, according to this graphic by a computer store in the United Kingdom.

    CNN: Why you might not need Apple's 128GB iPad

  • You will no longer have to wait for minutes while your computer scrolls down a picture or graphic.


  • The first is WebGL, which provides a way for web developers to access the low-level graphic capabilities of the computer or device that the browser is running on.

    FORBES: Why You Should Consider Mobile Web Apps

  • New ZR-series displays offer IPS performance in a thinner profile The four new HP ZR-series Performance Displays are aimed at professionals in animation, game development, broadcast, computer- aided design, design and graphic arts, where performance and visual quality are imperative.

    ENGADGET: HP goes display crazy, unveils eight new models, four IPS panels (hands-on)

  • Technical skills such as graphic design, website development, and computer programming will also pay off.

    FORBES: Top 5 Businesses to Start in 2011

  • The issue was the graphic that accompanied the story, which showed computer-generated images of nude men.

    FORBES: Facebook Pulls Down 'Penis Size Matters' Study Link

  • The graphic novel tells the story of a young computer engineer who becomes the victim of corrupt businessmen, officials and foreign companies.

    CNN: Egypt's banned graphic novel to be published in English

  • He films computer screens with no borders, as if putting viewers into the graphic creations, while he listens to his obsessives describe the function and emotional power of their created personae.

    NEWYORKER: Life 2.0

  • Using a photo of the stadium, a graphic artist colored the flags onto the seats, and then used a computer to translate those designs into pixel assignments, said Ric Birch, who helped produce opening ceremonies In Los Angeles and other cities.

    WSJ: Menu

  • The rat-turns-chef movie beat out "Persepolis, " based on the graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi, and "Surf's Up, " a computer-animated film about penguins.

    CNN: 'Old Men,' Europeans seize Oscars

  • For computer users who need access to a lot of content, and many Macbook Pro users are film editors, graphic artists and other creative professionals who often need access to significant stored content, a good amount of local storage with higher performance at a lower price than apure SSD computer could be very attractive.

    FORBES: Will A Fusion Drive Approach Become Widespread in Computers?

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