• He dropped the package loudly on the counter, where it made a wonderful clatter.

    NEWYORKER: Max at Sea

  • The clatter of the shoe on the linoleum when it slipped from his grasp brought more.

    NEWYORKER: Faith

  • Lorries and school buses full of demonstrators clatter past, heading for one rally or another.

    ECONOMIST: Nicaragua

  • That is followed by enough clatter and banging by the house staff to wake up neighboring China.

    CNN: ASIANOW - TIME Asia | Asia Buzz: What, No Coffee?

  • If you hit the jackpot, you will enjoy the clatter of actual coins - none of that newfangled paper ticket nonsense.

    BBC: Vintage Las Vegas

  • The jagged pieces of the mosaic keep dropping off the wall and falling to the floor with a clatter.

    NEWYORKER: 21 Grams

  • There's room for the Knicks and the Celtics to make Northeast clatter here.

    WSJ: Carmelo Anthony Takes the Wheel

  • Entelo is hardly the only startup trying to distill the immense clatter of social-media sites into a clearer tool for recruiters.

    FORBES: No Resume? No Problem! Show Us Your Social Stream Instead

  • Plunkett's pace was too much for the rest, with the last four wickets going down in a clatter for just nine runs.

    BBC: West Indies slump to warm-up loss

  • Then there may be a bang and a clatter, or a snapped branch and dark shapes plummeting into a clearing in front of you.

    BBC: Gorillas in the mix in Uganda

  • There's no better way to understand LinkedIn's quiet savvy, in the midst of Facebook's noisy clatter, than to compare the two sites' financial efficiency.

    FORBES: Feature

  • This inflicts pain on those workers, suppliers, and investors, but the market adjusts except where recovery gets drowned under the din of interventionist clatter.

    FORBES: Oil Spikes, Double Dips And Dilapidated Dollars

  • It is easy to imagine the piazza, and the steep, narrow streets leading into it, resounding to the clank of armour and clatter of hooves.

    BBC: The perfect trip: Tuscany

  • That brought about a clatter of wickets with Wagh completing his maiden first-class wicket haul, before Dawson was the last man out having made exactly 50.

    BBC: Hope fades for Yorkshire

  • All of this suggests a tremendous thirst for something unexpected a small, quiet place to sit and think amid the hubbub and clatter of the Internet.

    FORBES: 750 Words: A quiet place to think

  • Some of the lofty bridges we clatter across are supported by reassuring iron arcs, but others stand on little more than a lattice of glorified lolly sticks.

    BBC: The wonders of Canada by rail

  • Plastic tops were removed, foil peeled off, paper containers unclasped, and the room filled with a happy clatter, the air with culturally diverse aromas: curry, ginger, garlic, basil.

    NEWYORKER: Luda and Milena

  • From our vessel, which is part of a 40-watercraft flotilla of paddleboards, pleasure craft and dinghies, we watch 35-foot waves crash and clatter, mixing sea spray with diesel fumes.

    FORBES: The Mad Billionaire Behind GoPro: The World's Hottest Camera Company

  • There were news conferences, constant updates of the death toll all accompanied by the constant clatter of helicopters overhead shuttling search teams across the countryside to locate the trail of wreckage.

    BBC: Reporter's reflections

  • From the rooftop above me came clatter and patter.

    ENGADGET: 'Twas the night before...

  • On the street, mopeds clatter past and children wave from the backs of pick-up trucks, while in the fields beyond the village, evening shadows fall across the rice paddies and rubber trees.

    BBC: The perfect trip: Thailand��s islands

  • Islanders in flip-flops, the ladies in floral dresses, clatter past on their rickety steeds, while shouting schoolkids whizz along three or four to a bicycle, with extra riders perched on the seat-stays and handle-bars.

    BBC: The perfect trip: The Seychelles

  • "Toward the Low Sun" (Drag City) is the ninth album by the instrumental group Dirty Three , which dispenses with equal efficacy sentimental folk ballads, free-flowing rock and downtown free jazz, resulting in tender beauty and raucous clatter.

    WSJ: Lost in the Trees, Frank Ocean, John Fullbright and Other Best of 2012

  • He tells me enthusiastically about a new sort of shoe by ECCO Golf (worn by Fred Couples), which looks like a boat shoe and has rubber dimples instead of spikes, allowing for regular ambling without all that clatter.

    WSJ: Tina Gaudoin on Style: Golf Fashion

  • The carriage was piled with luggage and tied bundles, and as she stood some silver fell to the ground, knives and forks and a silver candelabra, catching in the clatter the few gleams of light from the torch that Roscoe held.

    NPR: E.L. Doctorow on Sherman and 'The March'

  • The WiFi component is a welcome option as well, opening the door to low-budget remote shooting and streaming, which could be especially handy for solo bloggers or vacationers. 60fps Full HD capability is also a nice touch, although action shooters would do well to not mistake the unit for a dedicated sports shooter and let it clatter to the pavement.

    ENGADGET: Canon Vixia R40 wireless camcorder hands-on (video)

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