• Cyprus was the focus of such financial uncertainty this month as it chaotically negotiated a bailout.

    NPR: World Stocks Edge Higher On US Economy Hopes

  • The real problem, quite simply, is that now digital technology is utterly transforming the media industries, quickly and chaotically.

    FORBES: Leahy's Protect IP Act: Why Internet content wars will never end

  • The local Labour party was chaotically divided even before the recent resignation of its leader in the Scottish Parliament.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • One prediction from models of a chaotically beating heart is the break-up of regular electrical impulses into spirals, causing uneven contractions.

    ECONOMIST: Better living through chaos

  • You can argue whether Britannica should exist at all, considering that knowledge is productively (often chaotically) crowd-sourced on Wikipedia and its kin.

    FORBES: Bye, Bye, Britannica

  • By making her positrons behave chaotically, Dr Ghaffari has inadvertently created a simple system in which chaos may be more easily studied.

    ECONOMIST: Antimatter

  • One way is to plunge viewers, noisily and chaotically, into the action.

    ECONOMIST: Recent events on film: Up close and historical | The

  • There are a few who, despite the risk of looking chaotically undemocratic, simply enjoin him to go: over half the Labour supporters in a Populus poll for the Times want him out.

    ECONOMIST: Gordon Brown

  • The biggest new feature in the chaotically volcanic landscape of mobile handsets is of course the smartphone, with Android and iOS now defining the experience for hundreds of millions of users around the world.

    FORBES: Sex And The Six Thousand Dollar Smartphone: The Vertu Constellation

  • For sure, experiencing badly installed video art can be all too like involuntary detainment in a hospital ward or an airport lounge, as sound and image from different sources bleed chaotically into one another.

    ECONOMIST: Showing video art: The glasshouse effect | The

  • The behind-the-scenes processes by which things get made — laws, journalism, sausages — are usually said to be so chaotically unhygienic that seeing them in action will put you off the thing itself for good.

    FORBES: A Beautiful Sausage

  • But they are struggling with a rigid new management template, the legacy of a chaotically-designed site and community hostility, their own inexperience, and demands to generate clicks and revenue that may prove impossible to meet.

    FORBES: Digital Disruption In New Orleans

  • Strangely, in his study of spectators standing in front of a vast, whorling abstract painting by Jackson Pollock, it is the painting, brought sharply into focus, which appears classically still, and those quietly viewing who seem chaotically undefined.

    ECONOMIST: New German photography

  • When faced with a choice between the new, brassy, chaotically capitalist Russia, in love with western ideals of wealth and promiscuity, and the austere, autocratic communist model, Father Dimitry chose the latter as better for the Russian soul, and closer to it.

    ECONOMIST: Obituary: Dimitry Dudko | The

  • He ran for the California assembly and scored an upset victory, and then successfully led the charge to overhaul that state's chaotically corrupt regulation of the liquor industry, to reform its inefficient, labyrinthine water system and to save San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

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