• An exhibition of handmade vote boxes or bottle cap sculptures was an opportunity to discover educational and entertaining activities organized within and outside the school.


  • Only interested in the bottle-cap business, Crown sold off the insulation part of Mundet just 93 days later.

    FORBES: An Affair to Remember

  • The company contended that it only bought Mundet's bottle-cap assets and that merely buying assets isn't a merger and doesn't trigger liability.

    FORBES: An Affair to Remember

  • The final coup: Target puts color-coded rings between bottle and cap, so that different people in a household can quickly tell which medicine is theirs.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • So my idea was to create a bottle with a cap on the bottom too.

    FORBES: Connect

  • First, the scent must give off an inviting bloom from the bottle's plastic cap, to win over a shopper sniffing in the store aisle.

    WSJ: Does This Smell Clean to You?

  • They were uncertain only for a moment, then unscrewed the cap on the bottle.

    NEWYORKER: The Woman of the House

  • The court was also told Mr Farrow's DNA had been found on the cap of an empty beer bottle found at the vicarage in Thornbury, near Bristol.

    BBC: Betty Yates and the Reverend John Suddards

  • The court also heard that a tequila bottle - a brand with a distinctive red sombrero cap - was found 15ft away from Zoe's body.

    BBC: Murder trial hears of DNA match

  • She screwed the cap back on, growing nervous, and tossed the bottle on the seat.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'The Assassins Gallery'

  • SIMpill, a South African firm, makes a small device that clips on to a medication bottle and sends a text message to a central computer whenever the cap is removed.


  • Aside from quality, Black Box offers value at compelling price points (40% less than comparable bottle of wine is a huge incentive), and with its re-closeable twist-off cap the wine lasts from four to six weeks.

    FORBES: Constellation Transforms The Wine Market With Inside The Box Thinking

  • But what has enraged prohibitionists more are posters inside bars and hotels which show the actor, wearing a cap and dinner suit, sitting at a table with a plate full of banana chips and a bottle of the branded whisky.

    BBC: NEWS | South Asia | Trouble brews over alcohol ads

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