• She recalled that she was rather bossy, and was usually the articulate spokesperson for her classmates.

    ECONOMIST: Roma Mitchell

  • Now a less authoritarian (but still rather bossy) government says it wants them to fend for themselves.

    ECONOMIST: South Korean banking

  • More thoughtful Labourites worry that dismissing localism leaves them stranded as the party of the bossy, big state.

    ECONOMIST: The Big Society

  • They are presented throughout as bossy people far more comfortable telling blacks what they need than asking them what they want.

    ECONOMIST: New fiction

  • Ms Gereb thinks that many more could be natural, given a bigger role for midwives and a smaller one for bossy doctors.

    ECONOMIST: The pioneer of home births in Hungary faces jail

  • The payoff came with the pulse of the pedal as I turned onto the main road, all the power necessary to feel bossy.

    FORBES: On Tour in the BMW X5 xDriver35d

  • Bossy has been in the trenches drumming up business, convincing Molson Coors, for example, to supplement its arena signage with retailer promotions for Islander tickets.

    FORBES: Their Next Home Uncertain, the Islanders Press On

  • That they will find life much harder when they get there—and themselves even more in hock to bossy Euro-monitors—does not seem to put them off one wit.

    ECONOMIST: Prodi’s prayer

  • Before big events, bossy faxes from the Chinese embassy arrive at the Nepalese foreign ministry, stipulating police tactics, the number of plain-clothes officers to be deployed, and so on.

    ECONOMIST: Chinese influence in Nepal grows

  • Critics have lambasted Gates for a management style they label overbearing and bossy, but his harsh workplace demeanor belies another secret to his success: his unwillingness to compromise his goals.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Students have been sceptical about bossy governments for years.

    ECONOMIST: A youthquake that is helping George Bush

  • He is widely believed not to want a second term, but to have been pushed into it by his bossy twin brother, Jaroslaw, who leads the main opposition party, Law and Justice.

    ECONOMIST: Poland's strong economy

  • Now you can be greener and zippy in a tiny Fiat, bossy and emission-free in a Tesla Model S or moderately fuel conservative in the official cornerstone of hybrids, the Toyota Prius.

    FORBES: The Year in Cars: What I Drove in 2012

  • Public speaking still makes me a little nervous, and yet I have found that, assuming I am well prepared, when I approach the group with less bossy bravado and more vulnerability I connect better.

    FORBES: Lead with Your Heart

  • His mild-mannered and plain-spoken style, combined with his instinctive cultural conservatism, will make it harder for the Republicans to present the Democratic Party as the tool of bossy people from the east coast or the west.

    ECONOMIST: Lexington

  • Mr Cameron's plans to tempt people down the aisle with tax breaks may be paternalistic, especially for somebody who claims not to want a bossy state, but they are less intrusive than forming a bond between individuals without their consent.

    ECONOMIST: Making love blossom with the taxman’s help

  • Angela Merkel was the bossy dowager.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • Talk of common values and the rule of law causes heartburn among such Russian officials as Vladimir Chizhov, a smiling and impenetrable ambassador to the EU. Asked what Russia wants from the EU, he starts with what it does not want: to have it as a bossy patron come to modernise Russia.

    ECONOMIST: Russia, NATO and Europe

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