• Bend down ... hand low to the ground ... dribble ... then an explosive change of direction that sends the defender back onto his heels.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The king was about to bend down to retrieve the pearls, whereupon her husband stood up, walked across the dance floor, and crushed them under his feet, while his wife danced on.

    NPR: Book Traces Family Suffering from Deadly Insomnia

  • It is one thing to know that years of football will make it harder for an athlete to bend down and pick up his child when the athlete is forty.

    FORBES: The Death of the NFL

  • The audience is expecting a one to two second pause when you bend down to hit the key to advance the frame or even if you are using a remote control.

    FORBES: A Few Notes on Notes - Media Training

  • Then, at four o'clock in the afternoon, twenty-four hours after the mortar fell on his friends and neighbors while they waited to buy bread, he will bend down and pick up his bow.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'The Cellist Of Sarajevo'

  • When one row on one side blows air at a higher pressure than the other it causes the airflow over the trailing edge on that side to bend up or down, in exactly the way that an aileron would, and the plane rolls accordingly.

    ECONOMIST: How to fly without ailerons

  • As sea level rises, the weight on one end increases, causing the plank to bend — so pressure goes up at the end but down in the middle where the plank bends upward (see sketch above).

    FORBES: The Link Between Global Warming, Sea Levels And Volcanoes

  • Tobias Seidl at the University of Zurich says that's because nobody thought fast-moving ants were smart enough to bend and stretch their way under low-hanging obstacles without first slowing down to check them out.

    NPR: Mole-Rats, Ants Making Science Headlines

  • This web of well-intended federal rules predictably slows down the process of recovery as local officials seek a way to bend the general rules to meet their unique circumstances on the ground.

    FORBES: What Hurricane Sandy Teaches Us About Medicaid, Medicare

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