• At the eleventh hour, both sides reached an agreement, leaving New Year's Day schedules unchanged.

    FORBES: Media

  • The crisis staved off by a centrist group of 14 senators at the eleventh hour could return at any time.

    NPR: Filibuster Fight Might Move to High Court Nominee

  • As just noted, a sudden outbreak of good business practices might save a whole host of them now at the eleventh hour.

    FORBES: A Season For Surprises

  • The agreement with Korea would be the biggest free-trade agreement since NAFTA, and after much haggling, negotiations were concluded at the eleventh hour in Seoul in April.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Its importance was underscored earlier this month when the administration concluded a free trade agreement with South Korea at the eleventh hour, making the deal eligible for fast-track approval.

    FORBES: From Hard Line To Fast Track

  • Now, here I am at the eleventh hour, wondering what might happen, who will I be, if I allow my passion to be swayed by this dangerous bad boy.

    NPR: Kristin Chenoweth Is 'A Little Bit Wicked'

  • This was the week the nation barely avoided one of the biggest leadership failures ever, by finally finding a way to let the country meet its debt obligations, at the eleventh hour.

    FORBES: Leadership Highlights of the Week

  • While several signs point to passage of the Latin American deals, the pending South Korean free trade agreement, hatched at the eleventh hour earlier this month, will be tougher to get through Congress.

    FORBES: Free Trade Deals: Where Are We Now?

  • But at the eleventh hour the deal collapsed.

    FORBES: Schulte-Noelle Scores

  • At the eleventh hour some Hill staffers balked.

    FORBES: An Important Step Toward Medicare Reform

  • In May, a proposed merger between Sega and Bandai, two makers of computer games, was abandoned at the eleventh hour because of opposition from middle managers at Bandai, who thought that they would get the chop.

    ECONOMIST: Mergers

  • At the eleventh hour, the attack on Secretary Bolton has come up with a heretofore unknown charge: According to today's Washington Post, unnamed State Department sources claim that the Under Secretary deliberately withheld information from his superiors related to diplomatic and other aspects of Iran's proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.


  • Two long interviews—with Hashemi Rafsanjani, Iran's reformist president from 1989 until 1997, and his successor, Muhammad Khatami—obtained at the eleventh hour and in the face of disapproval from the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, add depth and crucial detail to a narrative that could so easily have been too Western.

    ECONOMIST: Iran and the West

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