• If the answer to a problem can quickly be shown to be correct, might it also be possible to quickly calculate that answer the first place?

    FORBES: A Beautiful Sausage

  • It would be rude to be speaking to someone face-to-face then answer a phone call, but I can be talking to someone, or even sitting listening to a professor in a class, and also quickly answer a text message at the same time.

    FORBES: Young People, Stop Just Texting Me and Give Me a Call Once in a While PLZ! Part Deux

  • The answer depends on how quickly the EMCs can realign themselves to the demands of the Cheap Revolution.

    FORBES: The Big Cheap Chance

  • Then, when a problem arises, an answer can be found quickly.

    ECONOMIST: Synthetic biology

  • Some customers may be able to find the answer to their own questions more quickly on a website than on the telephone, especially if the latter involves waiting on hold for 20 minutes.

    ECONOMIST: Managing customers

  • And this is not solely a media story about getting things wrong: In the end, social media got to the answer of who Ryan Lanza is much more quickly than a dozen local reporters would have done.

    FORBES: Blaming The Wrong Lanza: How Media Got It Wrong In Newtown

  • Your confidence and your ability to quickly develop a rapport with interviewers and answer questions with clarity can be what get you from interview to offer.

    FORBES: Careers

  • These avatars are designed for businesses to quickly and efficiently deploy state-of-the-art chat to answer customer questions instantly and accurately, decrease staff costs, increase sales and customer engagement, and find out what customers are really thinking by capturing the analytics of the interaction.

    FORBES: Villagers Light Torches, Rush Mothership

  • If the question is, are we, each time there is an idea, evaluating it and making a decision, is this the best option that we have right now, based on how quickly we can stop this leak and how much damage can we mitigate -- then the answer is yes.

    WHITEHOUSE: Deepwater BP Oil Spill: Presidential Press Conference

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