• President Clinton has yet to unholster his veto pen, though he is threatening again albeit reluctantly.

    CNN: From Charles Bierbauer

  • As long as Hussein controls Iraq, the US is forced to support, albeit reluctantly, Saudi Arabia's increasingly unpopular monarchy.

    BBC: Viewpoint: Why Saddam must go

  • So why have the coalition partners, albeit reluctantly, gone along with Mr Eichel?

    ECONOMIST: Germany��s economic measures

  • The most recent contingent, an international presence in Hebron, was admitted, albeit reluctantly, by the government of Binyamin Netanyahu in 1996.

    ECONOMIST: Clinton, between Arafat and Barak

  • W. Botha to break bread, albeit reluctantly, with the outsider in 1982.

    ECONOMIST: Harry Oppenheimer

  • British Airways pilots appear to have accepted the marshals plan, albeit reluctantly.

    ECONOMIST: More security, more delays | The

  • Detroit ultimately, albeit reluctantly, acquiesced to a U.S.-South Korea trade pact touching on similar issues of non-tariff barriers to trade that Japan raises.

    WSJ: Business Asia: Japan's New TPP Energy

  • They have swallowed most of the government's rich-squeezing policies, albeit reluctantly.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • Since Bhutto's death, political leaders have heeded the suggestion, albeit reluctantly.

    CNN: Fear grips Pakistan as election approaches

  • That is the course which, albeit reluctantly in a country where big bankruptcies have been rare, the government seems at long last to have plumped for.

    ECONOMIST: Japanese bonds

  • When Mr Netanyahu took his army out of most of Hebron, he seemed to be borne along, albeit reluctantly, by the momentum of the peace process.

    ECONOMIST: Back on the job

  • If one person deserves the credit for keeping this flame flickering when it was about to go out, many people would nominate Jean-Claude Biver, albeit reluctantly.

    FORBES: Time Is Money

  • There is no alternative coalition partner for him to fall back on, while the CDU could arguably (albeit reluctantly) continue its grand coalition with the Social Democrats.

    BBC: Can Germany reform its economy?

  • It took a series of high-speed accidents--including Wolfgang von Trips killing himself and 11 spectators in a 1961 crash-- before officials added a few chicanes and barriers to slow things down, albeit reluctantly.

    FORBES: Just the ticket.

  • Unlike the freedom of Barclays, RBS has revealed that it has surrendered the right, albeit reluctantly, to determine how any bonuses should be paid for the current financial year, warning that it could harm the bank's ability to recruit and retain staff, and damage its attempts to recover from the financial crisis.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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