• That would reinforce their dependence on emergency funding from the European Central Bank, which would act as further brake on the ability of Spanish banks to provide vital credit - and would represent a serious setback in the stabilisation of the currency union.

    BBC: Why Cyprus's rescue matters to us

  • The White House budget office noted in September that sequestration was designed during the 2011 standoff over raising the federal debt ceiling as "a mechanism to force Congress to act on further deficit reduction" -- a kind of doomsday device that was never meant to be triggered.


  • Tightening policy would act as a further drag on growth, possibly threatening the recovery.

    ECONOMIST: Commodity prices and global growth

  • The topic, of course, was monetary policy and whether or not the country was going to raise interest rates further or continue act on measures to cut the flow of credit, or a mix of both.

    FORBES: Economists Bemoan Brazil Interest Rates to Central Bank

  • The global debt fears have kept many out of the stock market since the May highs, and a failure to act on the debt ceiling could further depress the market.

    FORBES: The Week Ahead: For Stocks, The Debt Ceiling's the Limit

  • Then he left Republicans marginalized as Democrats worked on the Affordable Health Care Act, further fueling tea party activists.

    NPR: Snowe Presses For Bipartisanship In New Book

  • The result was Bill Clinton's signature on the Helms-Burton act, tightening still further the American embargo against the island.

    ECONOMIST: No. Cuba’s president is still a Stalinist dictator

  • Tech and wireless companies know that if they can get such a ban in place now, it will literally take an act of Congress to allow states and localities on the Web further down the road.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Regarding the second complaint, referring to Mr McCrea's comments about a possible assembly commission consultation over the union flag, the committee considered Mr McCrea guilty of a public attack on party policy and consequently of a further act of indiscipline.

    BBC: Basil McCrea: 'No knee-jerk' reaction to formal warning

  • Regarding the second complaint, referring to Mr McCrea's comments in a local newspaper and on BBC Radio Ulster about a possible assembly commission consultation on the number of days that the union flag is flown, the committee considered Mr McCrea guilty of a public attack on party policy and consequently of a further act of indiscipline.

    BBC: Northern Ireland

  • In general, a coach is required to act on, or pass along reasonable information about possible rule violations for further investigation.

    FORBES: Coach Tressel's Hypocrisy, Deception Damaging To Ohio State

  • If the new EU members do not act on this warning, BirdLife says, "there will be further massive declines or even extinctions of wildlife... especially in those areas as yet relatively untouched by the ravages of intensive farming".

    BBC: NEWS | Science/Nature | Farming 'killing Europe's birds'

  • Earlier this year Narayen picked up another audience-tracking tech firm, called Demdex, to further entrench his position among companies that manage, analyze and act upon what people do on the Web, particularly around selling stuff.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • At the same time, they argue that some new taxes set to go into effect, most particularly some taxes created by the Affordable Care Act, should be repealed in the belief that that these new taxes will put a further strain on business and, therefore, the economy.

    FORBES: The Fiscal Cliff Explained

  • Congress will have to act sometime this year on these funding requests and, in many cases, could well trim them further.

    FORBES: Obama's 2014 Budget Would Cut or Freeze Many Senior Services

  • Until recently, the kiddie tax only applied to children under the age of 14, but in 2005, the Tax Increase Protection and Reconciliation Act moved the age to 18, and the new legislation that was passed on Friday expanded it further: Effective Jan. 1, 2008, the kiddie tax will apply to children age 18 and younger as well as college students under the age of 24.

    FORBES: The New Kiddie Tax

  • Should legal obstacles arise, we will legislate further including, if necessary, amending the Human Rights Act in respect of the interpretation of the European Convention on Human Rights.

    BBC: The Blairs in conversation

  • Some months later Suzie disclosed further abuse to GMP and she was referred again to children's social care, which did not act on the referral.

    BBC: Grooming victim

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