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foundation treatment
[faʊnˈdeɪʃn ˈtriːtmənt]

  • 地基处理,基础处理



... comprehensive treatment综合治理;综合治疗;综合处理 foundation treatment地基处理,基础处理 special treatment特殊处理;特别待遇 ...



soft foundation treatment 软基处理

expansive foundation treatment 膨胀土地基处理 ; 地基处理膨胀土地基处理

soft soil foundation treatment 软基处理 ; 软土地基处理

foundation treatment in mountain area 山区地基处理 ; 地基处理山区地基处理

Deep soft foundation treatment 深层软基处理

soil filling foundation treatment 填土地基处理

foundation treatment technology 地基处理技术

foundation treatment in soft formation 软弱地基处理

Highway soft foundation treatment 公路软基处理

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    With convenient material, simple making and low cost, the gravel pile composite foundation has been widely used in construction projects. This kind of foundation treatment is suitable for China.


    参考来源 - 路堤荷载下碎石桩复合地基沉降计算方法研究
    地基加固 - 引用次数:5

    As a new technique of foundation treatment, Mixed-in-place Pile has been widelyused in the soft ground improvement in expressway engineering in recent years.


    参考来源 - 水泥粉喷桩复合地基在软黄土区公路工程中的应用研究
    地基处治 - 引用次数:4

    参考来源 - 拓宽路基差异沉降控制技术模型试验研究
  • 地基处理 - 引用次数:79

    参考来源 - 复杂地基上堆载速度对地基沉降的影响分析
    地基加固 - 引用次数:4

    The Y-shaped tube-sinking cast-in-situ pile can exert the potential capacity both of pile and soil more than the traditional tube-sinking cast-in-situ pile of round cross-section. Therefore, it's a new foundation treatment worth to extend.


    参考来源 - Y形沉管灌注桩挤土效应和沉降分析研究
    地基处治 - 引用次数:1

    参考来源 - 板块状盐渍土工程应用技术研究
  • 基础处理 - 引用次数:19

    The elasto-plastion model for rocky soil and concrete material was established, three dimentions stress calculation of dam structure was done, the effect of foundation treatment on dam stress and deformation was analyzed.5.


    参考来源 - 株洲航电枢纽溶蚀性风化深槽处理及优化设计
  • 地基处理
  • 地基处理



  • Now,doctors have the first treatment guidelines from the American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Foundation.

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  • Also,the Aravind Medical Research Foundation investigates the causes and treatment of eye disease.

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  • "Jack Hanley brought big-league thinking to a nonprofit industry, " says Douglas Tieman, head of the Caron Foundation, a Pennsylvania treatment center.

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  • The ad, for the Topsy Foundation, a South African group that delivers HIV treatment, follows three months of the life of a patient with AIDS, rewinding her life from a time during which she is looks healthy and happy and back until when she was emaciated and sick — back until when she first takes anti-retroviral pills.

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  • The study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which did not reveal, at the time, that some funding came from a group called the Foundation for Lung Cancer, Early Detection, Prevention and Treatment.

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