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United Nations 联合国(缩写为UN)

United Nation 联合国(缩写为UN)

United Nations
[juˈnaɪtɪd ˈneɪʃnz]

  • 联合国(缩写为UN)



United Nations 联合国 ; 联合国总部 ; 结合国

United Nations Security Council 联合国安全理事会 ; 联合国安理会 ; 安理会 ; 安全理事会

United Nations Secretariat 联合国秘书处

United Nations General Assembly 联合国大会

United Nations Development Programme 联合国开发计划署

United Nations Environment Programme 联合国环境署 ; 署 ; 合国环境规画署

United Nations Administrative Tribunal 联合国行政裁判所

Model United Nations 国会议 ; 摹拟结合国

united nations development program 联合国开发计划处 ; 联合国发展计划署 ; 计划署 ; 署

United Nations Environment Programs 联合国环境规划署

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    The special criminal measures of "United Nations Convention against Corruption" , have reference for Chinese anti-corruption .


    参考来源 - 反腐败的特殊司法问题(研究生论文)
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    The budget and functions of the United Nations are much smaller than those are today, when the United Nations was founded in 1945.


    参考来源 - 美国与联合国财政问题 (研究生论文)
  • 联合国
  • 联合国
  • 联合国


united nations

  • n. an organization of independent states formed in 1945 to promote international peace and security

    同义词: UN

以上来源于: WordNet


United Nations

  • 1. 

    N-PROPER The United Nations is an organization which most countries belong to. Its role is to encourage international peace, cooperation, and friendship. 联合国


  • Israel has rejected demands by the United Nations for an international investigation -- and an end to the blockade.

    VOA: special.2010.06.05

  • The United Nations Children's Fund says nearly seventy-two million children were not in school in two thousand seven.

    VOA: special.2010.05.20

  • The United Nations Foundation and the Vodaphone Foundation provided financial help to develop an open-source data collection tool.

    VOA: special.2010.05.03

  • Many school visits and public conference were on the agenda but one of the high points of this week has been the meeting with the United-Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon.

    UNESCO: Tara Oceans Expedition: Call in New York.

  • We aim to create a more modern, more trustworthy United Nations -- a United Nations that is faster, more flexible and more effective in delivering on the growing demands placed on it.

    UN: Secretary-General

  • And then Basil joined with Arthur Goldberg who was the former United States secretary of labor, former United States Supreme Court justice, and former United States - United Nations ambassador, and the lousiest damn candidate you ever saw.

    NPR: Spitzer's Fall Helps Write New Chapter in History

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