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blood transfusion
[ˈblʌd trænsfjuːʒn]

  • 输血


  [临床] 输血

... fluid infusion点滴注射 blood transfusion输血 dose剂量 ...



International Society of Blood Transfusion 国际输血协会 ; 是国际输血协会

blood transfusion needle 输血针

autologous blood transfusion 自体输血 ; 脾血回输 ; 自体血回输 ; 自体血液回输

blood transfusion trocar 输血套针

Blood transfusion reaction 输血反应

blood transfusion and infusion emulsion 输血输液用乳胶管

blood transfusion set 输血器

self-blood transfusion equipment 自体血回输器

latex tube for blood transfusion 乳胶输血管

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    参考来源 - 腹腔镜规则性右半肝切除12例临床分析
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    The community development after Wenchuan earthquake has shown that the way that respect the dominant position of the local people, and strengthen community-led community development is critical to achieve the governance transformation from "external blood transfusion" to "self-blood".


    参考来源 - 汶川地震灾后社区发展研究
  • 输血


blood transfusion

  • n. the introduction of blood or blood plasma into a vein or artery

    同义词: transfusion

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blood transfusion

  • 1. 

    N-VAR A blood transfusion is a process in which blood is injected into the body of a person who is badly injured or ill. 输血



  • Dr.Walter Mwanda is head of blood transfusion services at Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya's largest public health care facility.

    VOA: standard.2010.06.04

  • Kenya's National Blood Transfusion Services estimates the country needs to deal with illnesses, surgeries,accidents and other medical conditions.

    VOA: standard.2010.06.04

  • Fewer than 10 percent of adult Kenyans donate blood to the blood bank, says Dr.Margaret Oduor, national director of the National Blood Transfusion Services.

    VOA: standard.2010.06.04

  • He established a blood transfusion service, and next proposed free maternity and gynaecological services.

    ECONOMIST: Noël Browne

  • The team had to give her a blood transfusion while I opened her belly wide and did the traditional operation.

    NEWYORKER: Personal Best

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