• 备有不同规格转轴各种弹簧配合使用

    The turnable axes of different specification can be used with different floor spring.


  • 备有不同规格转轴各种弹簧配合使用

    The turnable axles of different specification can be used with different floor spring.


  • 除了这些有些材料办公空间装修常用的,家装当中很少用到比如不锈钢钢化玻璃亚克力PVC地弹簧格栅网线

    In addition to these, some decoration materials in the office space is commonly used, but rarely used in home decoration, such as stainless steel, glass, acrylic, PVC, spring, grille lamp, cable.


  • 名门玻璃门锁精密的构造,提供安全信心的保证另有弹簧玻璃门、等系列公共空间量身定制

    Glass door lock is made with precise technology, which can provide guarantee for security. In addition, floor springs, glass door clamp, handle are specially tailor made for public space.


  • 产品备有不用规格头、上轴心各国弹簧配合使用

    Products include different sized lower clip, curve clip, curve clip, axle center, and may be cooperated with imported groud spring for operation.


  • 调治 弹簧三个偏向螺丝。连结门扇垂直上下转动轴心重合

    E. Adjust the screws at three directions. Make them vertical and the upper and lower pivot center coincide with each other.


  • 本产品双向开启地弹簧适用铝型材,钢门,钢化玻璃门安装使用。

    S"Series is a kind of double-open floor hinge and is applicable for aluminum door, steel door and toughened glass door."


  • 这时候她们里德太太所指的房间操到矮凳上,不由自主弹簧一样跳起来,但立刻被双手按住了。

    They had got me by this time into the apartment indicated by Mrs. Reed, and had thrust me upon a stool: my impulse was to rise from it like a spring; their two pair of hands arrested me instantly.


  • 两端两个法兰盘轻松抑制弹簧安装删除

    The ends have two flanges that allow you to easily depress the spring to install or remove.


  • 维和二维结构试验表明,边界刚度识别结果实际相吻合,指出了在边界刚度处理上简单附加弹簧静态测试方法结构动态分析存在着不合理性

    It points out that a static testing method which assciates with a few single springs with the boundary of the structure is unreasonable for the structural dynamic ana…


  • 正常双螺旋DNA螺旋形的,松松卷曲弹簧

    Normal, double-helix DNA is spiral , like a loosely coiled spring.


  • 发明涉及铁路轨道结构包括弹簧弹性支承弹簧上。

    The present invention relates to one kind of railway track structure, which includes floating board and spring vibration isolator to support elastically the floating board on it.


  • 保证了事物不会一定质量被压缩成为一个无限大密度奇点”,相反事物弹簧一样反弹并且开始重新扩张

    This prevents matter from compressing indefinitely to a singularity of infinite density. Instead, matter rebounds like a spring, and starts expanding again.


  • 所述座椅设有固装置,所述基座装设有且装设有弹簧固件,操作固装置可使固件脱离所述固开口。

    A latch mechanism carried by the seat carrier is selectively operable to disengage a pivoted, spring-loaded latch member mounted on the base member mounting protrusion.


  • 弹簧保证调整臂正常工作关键件,本文从材料力学结论出发,详尽推导了该弹簧应力及其初始紧量设置,给出它们计算公式

    Stress and beforehand close quantum of helix torsion spring of rectangle section is educed by some conclusions of mechanics of materials and compute formula.


  • 上紧叶片弹簧加压机直到衬套凸缘底部扎实叶片弹簧的孔眼。

    Tighten leaf spring press until bushing flange bottoms solidly against leaf spring eye.


  • 惊讶的发现,有多少弹簧会巧妙,按照胡克定律

    You'll be surprised how many springs really behave very nicely according to Hooke's Law.


  • 发生时气门弹簧紧紧封闭气门口,叫做气门

    As this occurs, valve springs pull the valve tightly closed against its opening, called the valve seat.


  • 右边马拉紧了套,车盘弹簧吱扭作响,车身摇晃起来。

    The right - shaft horse began to pull, the high springs creaked, and the carriage swayed.


  • 借由弹簧同步联动退第一滑动构件,以顶插置于电子卡连接器中的电子卡

    Because the two springs can synchronously link and untread the first and the second slide members, the electronic card which is inserted in an electronic card connector can be pushed out.


  • 如果应用程序窗口扩展收缩这块空间也会根据弹簧长度比例伸缩

    As the application window expands or contracts, this space will scale in proportion to the length of the spring.


  • 它们非常奇怪震动因为它们弹簧相连它们连接起来。

    And they will oscillate in a weird way because they are connected with a spring and I keep them connected.


  • 如果这些条件得到满足,则惟一构造简单连接弹簧-质点系统,并给出了构造真实物理系统一个算法

    If these conditions are satisfied, the simply connected spring-mass system may be constructed uniquely. An algorithm is used to construct the physical realizable system from the data.


  • 所述基部、所述压紧所述杠杆借助于弹簧活动组装在一起使得所述杠杆绕着支撑所述弹簧转轴转动装配基部

    Said base, said lever and said pressing part can be assembled together actively through springs, so said lever can be assembled on the base rotating around the pivotal axis supporting said springs.


  • 如果不是那么不走运致命弹簧非夷所思击中幸运期待自己奔驰赛道。

    If he was incredibly unlucky to have been struck by that potentially lethal spring, he is fortunate to wish he could be driving at Monza.


  • 第一生命自豪拥有了一张既有弹簧床垫

    For the first time in his life, he became the proud owner of a bed which had springs and a mattress.


  • 试验结果表明利用扭力弹簧可以很好模拟剪切初始阶段剪切摩擦

    It is proved that the torsion spring can simulate the shear friction well in the first shear stage.


  • 阀座物理推开而不是弹簧举起来。

    The lower stem is physically pulled away from the seat instead of being lifted away by the spring.


  • 同时参照本文计算过程,可以方便计算各种发动机弹簧基础试验台位,得出可靠数据

    In the meantime, according to the calculation, it is convenient to calculate test bench position of various engine spring base and gain reliable data.


  • 同时参照本文计算过程,可以方便计算各种发动机弹簧基础试验台位,得出可靠数据

    In the meantime, according to the calculation, it is convenient to calculate test bench position of various engine spring base and gain reliable data.


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