• 目的为了建立信任消除怀疑从而帮助团队意识没有任何不可告人安排

    The goal is to replace suspicion with trust, and help your team realize that you don't have any hidden agendas.


  • 通过加强团队意识以后工作岗位上不仅可以提高工作效率增加同同事之间友谊

    Not only can enhance work efficiency but also can enhance friendship among colleagues in future work through intensifying team consciousness.


  • 通过讨论团队意识整合问题上花费大量时间如果这个问题得以解决他们更多时间改善代码质量

    Through the discussion the team realize that they're spending a lot of time dealing with integration problems and that if this is fixed they could spend the time improving the quality of the code.


  • 克雷团队意识,进行商品交易大型企业确保产品生产过程符合地球环保需求重要环节之一

    Clay and his team realized that the large corporations trading commodities are one of the crucial links to ensuring products are made within the resource limits of the planet.


  • 菜园耕作可以培养团队意识可以锻炼毅力这些办公室工作中也是难能可贵的。

    Working in the garden can offer lessons about teamwork and persistence that are highly applicable to the office.


  • Jazz技术提供了团队意识允许团队清楚看到在场以及他们什么

    Jazz technology provides team awareness, allowing team members to see who is present and what they are working on.


  • 发布2.9版本准备过程Lucene团队意识,在进行合并删除时候片断改变频率通常比较高,不过较早片断则更趋向保持不变

    During preparation for release 2.9 the Lucene team noted that segments typically change infrequently - they change when you do a merge or a delete for example but older segments tend to stay static.


  • jQuery核心团队意识插件重要性从而包含 1.3发布版中。

    The jQuery core team agreed so much in the importance of this plug-in that they incorporated it into their 1.3 release.


  • 迈可莎拉一救护车等待林肯苏克雷组驾驶着辆菜条巷子埋伏,怀亚特通知了“将军”,其座马上反转掉头而行,这时团队意识是个圈套

    Michael and Sara wait in the ambulance while Lincoln and Sucre are camped out in a LeMans. Wyatt calls Pad Man. As the limo makes a u-turn, the team realizes it's a trap.


  • 除了提高团队意识激发团队个人能量。

    Apart from increasing the level of awareness across the team, it will fire up high-energy individuals.


  • 不管他们是否意识到,他们正在取得惊人进步你们注意团队意识增长了吗?

    Whether they realize it or not, they are making dramatic progress. Do you notice the growing sense of community?


  • 具有强烈团队意识开拓创新精神高度敬业责任感执行能力思维敏捷语言表达能力

    Strong team spirit, pioneering and innovative spirit, highly dedicated and responsible, strong execution capacity; quick thinking and solid language competence.


  • 工作期间认真积极主动团队意识;能按时、按质、按量完成任务

    During the serious work, initiative, strong sense of team; on time, according to the quality, quantity and complete the task.


  • 诚信团队意识获得普遍认同企业社会责任日益突出

    Integrity and sense of team has been generally agreed that corporate social responsibility has become acute.


  • 最近几个星期团队意识已有不止仪器捕捉到有存在的强烈信号,“尤里卡时刻终于来到

    The "eureka" moment came in recent weeks when the team realized that a strong signature for water had been picked up by more than one instrument.


  • 对于球队来说是个重要时刻每个人都想得到胜利体现了我们有着多么好的团队意识团结精神

    This was a big moment for the team and everyone wanted this victory. It shows how good the team spirit and togetherness is.


  • 实践证明上述教学改革提高学生获取知识能力动手操作能力以及培养团队意识方面取得很好的效果

    Through teaching practice, this result proved that it is effective in enhancing students 'knowledge obtaining and operating ability. its well as cultivating students 'team spirit.


  • 这些活动磨练可我们坚强的意志吃苦耐劳精神培养了我们团队意识增进我们之间关系

    These activities, not only exercise our strong will, hard-working spirit, cultivate our team spirit, improve the relationship between us.


  • 具备良好学习能力、优秀的团队意识吃苦耐劳精神

    With good learning ability and teamwork spirit, hard-working and tenacious.


  • 胜任能力良好沟通协调能力团队意识明确熟悉质量工具使用

    Competence: good communication and coordination ability, a clear sense of team, familiar with the use of quality tools.


  • 设计包括多种开放式封闭式会议空间能让员工业务进行更多互动增强团队意识

    Comprising a diversity of open-plan and enclosed collaborative meeting Spaces, the design allows for greater interaction of staff across the business, allowing for an enhanced sense of community.


  • 团队意识这个问题了,什么想法时,可能固定的吗?

    Is your team aware of this problem, and do you have any idea when it might be fixed?


  • 首先团队运动帮助学生更好的与他人合作提高他们团队意识

    Firstly, playing team sports help students cooperate with others more easily and enhance their team consciousness.


  • 服务世博、参与世博不仅考验员工意志能力大大提高员工综合素质团队意识

    The hotel staff Service Expo, which not only tests the will and ability of the employees, but also greatly improve the overall quality of staff and team awareness.


  • 团队意识同事合作良好接受执行及时准确3 - 4月份作为生产现场五金检验员负责五金检单工作

    Team consciousness: between the colleague, accept and cooperate well executed timely, accurately. 3-4 months as production site hardware group inspector and responsible for hardware group work.


  • 思维拓展训练提高大学生分析问题解决问题能力提高他们胆量勇气以及增强团队意识具有重要作用。

    Thinking and Outward Training adds much to the improvement of the students' ability in making analysis and resolutions and it may help to form students' courage and "spirit of team".


  • 我们关注细节强化团队意识使学生学生阶段职业迈进

    We pay attention to the detail, the strengthened team realize, cause the student to make great strides forward from the student stage to the professional person.


  • 机关团支部一支富有战斗力队伍成立这对于机关团员青年增强团队意识、提高自身能力、展现自我魅力、沟通分子公司配合与推动公司经营发展起到良好作用

    Youth League Branch of FASCO is a union full of combative force. Its establishment will have positive impact on the member's team consciousness, cooperation among FASCO affiliates and company growth.


  • 机关团支部一支富有战斗力队伍成立这对于机关团员青年增强团队意识、提高自身能力、展现自我魅力、沟通分子公司配合与推动公司经营发展起到良好作用

    Youth League Branch of FASCO is a union full of combative force. Its establishment will have positive impact on the member's team consciousness, cooperation among FASCO affiliates and company growth.


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