• 如果买彩票想大奖,别指望四叶草能给带来好运,还是看看自己名字吧

    If you're dreaming of good fortune in lotterydraw, forget about four leaf clovers - and look at your name.


  • 失去双腿以及大奖之后大奖人和截瘫的人对自己生活的幸福感相同的。

    A year after losing their legs, and a year after winning the lotto, lottery winners and paraplegics are equally happy with their lives.


  • 以为这样家伙只是自己幻想-什么真实至少对于普通人来说—除非他们大奖或者天上掉馅饼什么的

    They think that guys like me are living in a fantasy of our own - that none of this can possibly be true - at least not for regular people - unless they win the lottery or something.


  • 早上阳光在身天天开心财神梦想变成今天大奖明天上任朋友祝福全都真心

    Good morning, a bunch of sunlight in the body, I wish you happy every day, home to the God of Wealth, dreams become true, and today the award tomorrow to the office, friends are all truly blessed.


  • 崔西我们真的中大奖

    Trish: Wow! We've really hit the jackpot.


  • 再次感谢各位光临希望各位晚会尽兴大奖

    Thanks again for your presence and hope that you can enjoy yourselves in the evening party and win big prizes!


  • 自从大奖以后。上星期了十元元刮刮乐彩票

    Ever since I hit the jackpot. I won one hundred thousand dollars last week in the scratch lottery.


  • 这款悍马名为“梦想幽灵”,用以描绘那些期待彩票大奖人们

    They call it "Ghost of a dream" to refer to those people who dream of winning a big prize when scratching their tickets. (See photo).


  • 设计意图:学生分析人们为什么彩票原因身边朋友家人大奖后对他们生活造成的影响危险性。

    Some people dream of becoming a millionaire. And winning the lottery can make people feel excited. T: Are your friends and family members lottery winners?


  • 我们还知道位被抛弃赫尔利(Hurley),很轻松获得横财,而正是这笔横财毁灭世界,买彩票中大奖像是个无情诅咒

    And as we know via one of the castaways, Hurley, whose easy financial windfall seemed to doom him, lotteries are perceived in this world as a curse.


  • 来讲,接收那些无法收养动物,就像是彩票大奖,同一天接着又雷电一样怪异。

    The odds that Peta is only receiving unadoptable animals are about the same as me winning the lottery and being struck by lightning on the same day.


  • 也许他们电影明星或者大奖什么的,自力更生不在计划之列。

    Perhaps they intend to marry a movie star or to win the lottery but working their way up is not part of the plan.


  • 两个小时,埃普朗回头想想那个大奖赛,还是决定试试运气于是垃圾桶里翻张包装纸并惊喜发现自己竟然大奖

    Two hours later, thinking back to the competition, she decided to try her luck and fished the wrapper out of the bin, only to find a code marked inside.


  • 今早他们英国电信位于伍德Wood Street)皇家府邸上班还不知道自己大奖

    The workers were unaware of their staggering win when they turned up for their shift at BT's Royal House centre in Wood Street this morning.


  • 内亚,有的15-16呢”,奖票说道,而后又不忘安慰了两句:“但是最后,还是这些坚持人才大奖也是世间运作方式。”

    People buy for fifteen, sixteen years before they win, Chenayya, ” the lottery seller said, by way of consolation. “But in the end those who believe always win.


  • 彩票大奖而不是贾森·威廉斯

    She says that it is her ticket, and that she won the lottery, not Jason Williams.


  • 如果大奖干什么爸爸红色雪佛兰·考维特汽车(辆)。家人度假旅行其它存起来上大学用。

    What would you do if you won the lottery? I would buy my daddy a red corvette (he's always wanted one). Take my family on a vacation cruise. Save the rest for college.


  • 大奖以后兴奋辗转反侧难以入睡

    He tossed and turned in bed after winning a big prize, too excited to fall asleep.


  • 大奖。”芬奇走到大楼门前警卫面前说道

    "I won the big prize," Finch said as he approached the guard in the front of the building.


  • 听到一张彩票大奖消息咚咚直跳

    Her heart jumped as she heard the news that one of her lottery tickets had won a great prize.


  • 彩票大奖赌场杀四方?股市得盆满钵满?

    Win a lottery? Had a great hand at the casino? Did fortune shine upon you in the stock market?


  • 他们告诉比尔大奖眼睛一下,耸了耸肩,“可以这笔了。”

    Bill didn't even bat an eye when they told him he had just won the lottery. He just shrugged and said, 'Well, I guess I can use the money.


  • 行工作会很多这样找上门来如果挨个杀掉的话,迟早大奖

    In this business a lot of your kind come around, and if I kill each one that comes, eventually I should hit the Jackpot sooner or later.


  • 2004年至今学生连年荣获淄博市十佳少年”,连年全国实验科学体验活动比赛荣获大奖

    Since 2004, students year after year won the "Top Ten Zibo City Youth", year after year in the "small country home science experiment to experience activities, award-winning game.


  • 近几年国际国内重要包装设计比赛获得大奖优秀包装设计作品,大都设计融合了传统元素

    In recent years, most of the packing designs, which were awarded with renowned prizes in both national and international competitions, benefited a lot from the use of traditional elements.


  • 多次创作作品均各类工艺比赛获得大奖或是交易会上巨额交易

    Many works of his creation have won the big prize in many kinds of technique competition. Or being traded at the trading fair in huge sums.


  • 多次创作作品均各类工艺比赛获得大奖或是交易会上巨额交易

    Many works of his creation have won the big prize in many kinds of technique competition. Or being traded at the trading fair in huge sums.


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