• That Mama, she sure was right. It's funny how things work out.

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  • And probably back home there would be the implication that if you can't work things out among them with consensus, probably the king has some weight.


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  • You kind of have to work those things out, like establish what you are beforehand like,


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  • Democratic strategist and Louisiana resident James Carville: "I know this: every piece of information we have gotten to the size of this, or things that were going to work, none of it has turned out to be true."

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  • If things didn't work out long term, they still have a spot for me I think if I want to go back and finish my MBA it's just not that high risk when you get right down to it.


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  • "The next thing is to work out how technology can be transferred from rich countries to poor countries and this will involve things like investment in renewable energy, investment in wind power and solar, investment in more efficient power stations,"

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  • Well if you can continuously measure and then give the amount of insulin you need to compensate for that amount of blood, those things could work together to be a totally artificial pancreas, make it totally out of synthetic parts.


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