• "There,and if I haven't gone and tired you all out with my talkin'!"

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  • - You open Brooks and you find yourself really apart perhaps-- I don't know how well all of you are acquainted with the texts of Freud.


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  • but didn't have all the of the qualities of somebody who you should feel comfortable with.


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  • The point is to defend the rights of people you don't agree with. That's the idea of a democracy, that all opinions are heard,".

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  • So what do you have with all these other people, these other Romans around here, who don't have a powerful patron, who don't have a powerful paterfamilias to help them out?


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  • So, let's -- okay, so, why don't you all think about would happen -- we'll start with the thought exercise. You can switch back to my lecture notes then if this isn't going.


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  • If a White House isn't careful, all you end up doing with the schedule isn't in bucks.


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  • So van Inwagen concludes, if you have an object, and you take it apart, and then put them all back together again, you don't have the very same object that you started out with.


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  • We started out with just a simple idea: that you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket and if you had a lot of independent stocks you would want to just weight them equally.


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  • Now since I think that the arguments I'm about to sketch-- and I've just started sketching the first of is fails I hope you'll think it over and you'll eventually come to agree with me, yeah, these arguments don't really work after all.


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  • So, having other particles around that have the same energy that you could technically add up if you were adding them up like a wave, you can't do the same thing with particles, they're all separate.


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  • If you try to imagine a smile with no body at all, it can't be done. Why?

    如果你要相信一个没有身体的微笑,那是根本做不到的 为什么呢

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  • So what I want to point out with this case in beryllium is that you don't have to use all of the electrons to figure out the bond order, and in fact, once you get to molecules 10 that are from atoms with atomic numbers of 8 or 10, you're not going to want to maybe draw out the full molecular orbital diagram.


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