• He invented the skill of throwing a special rope called a lasso over a cow's head to catch wandering cattle.

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  • In this sense, "The Fisherman" is not, after all, a poem that's very different from "The Song of the Wandering Aengus."


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  • But after a while I got really tired of wandering around


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  • Nevertheless,I forged ahead, and with each step the tunnel grew larger, and I felt as though I was wandering into the very core of the Guadalupe Mountains."

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  • This is the road of the unhoused, of the spiritually seeking, of the wandering, of the lost.


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  • One day,wandering past a school he heard children singing.

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  • In "The Song of the Wandering Aengus," I talked about the kind of flickering passion and the fire in the head that sends Angus out on his quest.


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  • You remember they're wandering around the forest without her picking berries. The younger brother, - the second brother, is most concerned about his sister's safety -- so I want you to look at this passage.


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  • You know, if you're wandering through Harvard Square and you see an out-of-work Harvard grad, they're handing out examples of square roots, they'll give you an example and you can test it to see is the square root of 2, 1.41529 or whatever.


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  • It doesn't reflect the interests of people who have been wandering around nomadically. It has laws that deal with settled agrarian life.


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  • Nobody knows who it is,so they call it,they find it wandering on the streets.


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  • We've a harvest holiday called Sukkot, where we actually sit outside, in this open structures that have natural coverings, branches, often where you can see the stars as a reminder of the time when the Israelites wandering in the desert, after they were released from slavery in Egypt.


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  • They were wandering in the forests and he was in despair, having lost everything.


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  • And, because it's a moving house, it carries the sense of the wandering believer with it as well.


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  • It's also a landscape that is full of pigs, wandering pigs, so if the people are wandering through this road, the pigs are equally wanderers throughout these fields.


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  • What is the goal of "Wandering Aengus"?


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  • So you're going to see in the stories of the patriarchs that they're wandering all around the land and they're offering sacrifices. There are other books too where it's clear that there are local shrines, local sanctuaries, local priests who are offering sacrifices for people throughout the land. But Deuteronomy insists: one central sanctuary.


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  • In a sense, the earlier poem, "The Song of the Wandering Aengus," transformed the Irish landscape into a place of myth, in the same way that the poem is describing the transformation of the trout into the girl.


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  • I'd like to look with you at "The Song of the Wandering Aengus" as a kind of model of the kind of poem I'm talking about and its aesthetics.


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  • You can imagine these tiny little robots wandering around, right?


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  • This is the confusion -- "wandering mazes lost"!


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  • For all these reasons, "The Fisherman" is really a re-writing and even a kind of continuation, rather than a repudiation, of "The Song of the Wandering Aengus" and the poems from that period.


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wander off 漫步;漫游;离群走散

wander about 徘徊;流浪;漫步

wander from 离题

baseline wander 基线漂移

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