• If there were no voltage on the plates, we would expect everything to be over here in some negative value falling.


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  • And I am able to vary the voltage on the plates making this for argument's sake negative and this for argument's sake positive.


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  • So essentially, they regulate this action potential, and they do so by helping to establish and then control the voltage gradient within the cells.


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  • That change happens because something gets triggered in the membrane, and what gets triggered is a voltage gated sodium channel, which is shown here.


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  • Each one of those electrodes allows us to measure, we plot voltage verses time, ? this signal coming from the tip of that electrode. Ok?


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  • The hard drive circuits translate those signals into to voltage fluctuations.


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  • He had a tube with electrodes potted in it filled with atomic hydrogen. And by applying a voltage, he was able to get the gas to glow.


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  • As we increase the voltage, we get to a critical value at which it is possible to actually draw electrons across the gap.


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  • So, when the voltage difference between the plates is zero, or when we just don't have the plates there at all, the cathode rays are not bent, they just go right in a straight line, and they can be detected on this screen.


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  • You can see low voltage, low energy, high voltage, high energy. It is a linear function.


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  • It sends it's signal, it's signal - the signal that it sends is this change in voltage, and once it changes, maybe it's all done.


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  • And what if I took a unit charge and I multiplied it times unit voltage, one volt?


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  • This is continuously variable because I can vary voltage continuously.


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  • He reasoned then that the charge, since he could vary voltage continuously but got a discontinuous variation in velocity, his conclusion was that the charge must be discontinuously attached to the droplet.


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  • And these electrodes are then connected to a variable voltage power supply.


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  • And so if he gets the voltage high enough, this gas discharge tube will glow.


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  • And it is possible to change the voltage on the plates.


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  • That results in a dramatic change in the membrane voltage; the potential across the membrane and that's shown here by this rapid rise in membrane potential.


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  • Change the voltage, I change the incident energy.


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  • That voltage moves from one end of the cell to the other.


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  • There's a local change in the membrane, that local change involves opening of channels that allow ions to pass through regions where they couldn't pass through before, that results in a change in voltage.


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  • That happens, and if I was looking at a region of membrane that was experiencing an action potential I would see voltage change in just the way it's shown in this graph here.


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  • Unit charge times unit voltage then would give me what?


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  • Now, remember we talked about these last time, voltage-gated channels are channels that would allow the passage of sodium, in this case, but they can exist in two states, a closed state and an open state.

    还记得我们上节课讨论过的吧,电压门控通道是,一种可以容许钠离子通过的通道,在这一例子中 电压门控通道有两种状态,关闭状态和开放状态

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  • And the electrical energy is the product of the charge on the electron times the voltage which is the potential difference through which the electron was accelerated. And so this allows me to, by increasing the voltage, increase the energy on the electron.


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  • And what we did was he put two detection plates on either side of these cathode rays, and when he put a voltage difference between these two plates, he wanted to see if he could actually bend the rays and test if they're actually charged or not.


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low voltage 低电压

output voltage 输出电压

voltage stability 电压稳定;电压稳定度

input voltage 输入电压;工作电压

dc voltage 直流电压;直羚压

rated voltage [化]额定电压

voltage control 电压控制

voltage regulator 稳压器;调压器

voltage source n. 电压电源

supply voltage 电源电压;供给电压

voltage drop 电压降落

ac voltage 交流电压;交羚压

voltage transformer 电压互感器;电压变量器

constant voltage 恒定电压;定压

voltage regulation 稳压;电压调整;电压变动率

arc voltage 弧电压

working voltage 工作电压;工诅压;操作电压

breakdown voltage [电]击穿电压

medium voltage 中压

applied voltage 外加电压

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