• The students are engaged in the lecture-station format, 50% you would typically have 50% attendance even with the best lecture.


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  • You come here to compete again, to be, to compete with the best.


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  • The person with the best argument let the best argument prevail.


    耶鲁公开课 - 政治哲学导论课程节选

  • I hadn't set out with a plan that I wanted to teach at some of the best universities in the country.


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  • I get that the best research suggest we don't really have complete redundancy with hemispheres, but suppose that we did.


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  • We can not do that with quantum mechanics, the more true picture is the best we can get to is talk about what the probability is of finding the electron at any given nucleus.


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  • The best way to label this DNA is by designing probes or labels that hybridize with specific sequences that you're interested in.


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  • This -- "Damon's Epitaph" ends with a virtual orgasm of Christian consolation as Milton gives his best friend the most unbelievable sendoff that is possible to give.


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  • This should be contrasted with nonscientific programs and the best example of a nonscientific program is astrology.


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  • It just came out with the fourth edition and that book was a best seller.


    耶鲁公开课 - 金融市场课程节选

  • And we learned a lot about how to do that correctly and arguably became best in the world at managing inventory and dealing with technology transitions after that near-death experience.


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  • This then leads to a very different discussion because A play is not a piece of text. A play is a living thing That is meant to be performed by actors in a particular setting. Different actors with different directors interpret the words of Shakespeare to the best. We can construct those words differently.


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  • But the question is, in my present circumstances, with evil on my hands, entailed from my father, would the general interest of the slaves and community at large, with reference to the slaves, be promoted best by emancipation?


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  • Conversely, if you think the goalie's going to shoot to the right with probability more than a ?, then the best you can do is represented by the pink line, and that's shooting to the left, or if you think the goalie's going to dive to the right with the probability more than a ?, the best you can do, your best response is to shoot to the left.


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  • So it really, you know, becoming familiar with the different methods is best done through experience, not through books.


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  • The Greek words are, boule he demosia; the best translation I can come up with is the council for the people.

    希腊文是,boule he demosia,我能想到的最恰当的译文是,人民的议会

    耶鲁公开课 - 古希腊历史简介课程节选

  • and I work with them and you know, they hit their goal. That's when I feel the best about it.


    成为教练的理由 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • And similar is a leader, sometimes you don' t have all the information that you want, you've gotta be willing to say " i am gonna go with the best information that i have" i am gonna make the best decision that i can and if we were wrong, we admit it, and we fix it, but we won't just stand there.


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  • Positively,what they did there was bring together the best minds bring them together with a mission of saving the free world.


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  • Sometimes the simplest solutions are in fact the best and thus consistent with this constant reminder to ShuttleBoy Cards ourselves was born last year what we dubbed Shuttleboy Cards.


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  • I don't think either of us are thrilled with the text, it's the best we've probably found for Python, it's OK. If you need it, it's there.


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  • And they're ready to go out, and Sal says: "Hold on a minute. I'll be right with you as soon as I finish this chapter," and it was one of the best chapters in the book.


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  • But Socrates ultimately wants to replace military combat with a new kind of you might call it verbal facility verbal combat in which again the person with the best argument is declared to be victorious.


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  • I'm inclined to think that the best version of the body theory has to do with following the brain.


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  • The best place to start is, of course, with his views stated in the opening pages of the Politics on the naturalness of the city.


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  • So you just say,okay fine, this is the macro circumstance that we're dealing with and we're going to do absolutely the best job we can identifying individual,specific,bottom-up opportunities to deploy the funds.


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  • With the goal as the best as the possible was to make Some inferences about learning outcomes, And how will the teachers use the materials to effectively help the students learn.


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  • Perhaps the best way to read this book is to read it aloud, as you might with a play, to yourself or with your friends.


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  • And that's the best way to deal with these things.


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  • Now, there are exceptions in both directions, and as it happens the cases I know best have to do with the city of Corinth sent out a lot of colonies, which is why we know something about their arrangements.


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