• Lynda, let's go-- we should have the previous yeah-- we shoud be-- that's the next variation-- I confused--I confused Lynda there.


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  • It's only a slight variation that makes it a little bit more polite. A little bit less approaching.


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  • So, instead of having the periodic variation of water, or the periodic variation of air density here we're talking about an electric field.


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  • So we gonna back up in that previous variation Let's just see if we can pick up what the missing third part here.


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  • And once you hit puberty, suddenly there's huge variation in the abilities you have to learn language.


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  • There's a more surprising variation that occurs, however, in Exodus 34.


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  • There's a great deal of variation in how much life we get.


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  • Now there's a lot of variation in that: men would be different from women, taller more then shorter, all that sort of thing, but nonetheless let's just use that as a reference.


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  • The variation looks like this.


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  • Also, this is a slight variation on the "I need" pattern. You can say "all I need is".

    同样的,“I need”句型也会有些小的变形。你可以说“all I need is”。

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  • Yeah. Absolutely. A lot of emphasis, a lot of variation in tone, and the italics are part of the representation of that.


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  • We're going to see variations of this, we're going to see a variation of it called recursion, a little later on, but for now we're just going to talk about how do we do iterations.


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  • A sort of variation of Hillary Clinton's book " that "it takes a village to raise a child," comes right out of Plato apparently.


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  • dS/dV There's some variation, dS/dV, at constant temperature.


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  • He reasoned then that the charge, since he could vary voltage continuously but got a discontinuous variation in velocity, his conclusion was that the charge must be discontinuously attached to the droplet.


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  • Another situation where you can use the "It seems" variation pattern is

    在另一种情况下,你也可以用"It seems"的变换形式,

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  • So, for example, we have this average level, and then it can go high where we have the peak, or it can go very low. We can also discuss sound waves, so again it's just the periodic variation of some property -- in this case we're talking about density, so we have high density areas and low density areas.


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  • What kind of evidence is there for cross-cultural variation?


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  • Every culture is going to have Pan Am smiles, happiness smiles, coy smiles, but the variation of that sort is something which will vary as a result of how you're raised and the people around you.


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  • Now, here's another variation.


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  • Here's another variation.


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  • The water soluble vitamins tend to be used more immediately by the body not stored and excreted through the urine if consumed in excess, so the body can tolerate more variation in intake of these before you start getting toxicity than is the case with the vitamins on the right.


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  • minutes with a different variation on how to use functions to think about problems.


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