• So, we're going to listen to just a couple of seconds here of a blues tune sung by Nora Jones.


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  • But they really in tune with the community and they do a lot of service in the community.


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  • And once he did that, both he and many other scientists, could then, once they understood what caused the fluorescence, make little changes to the actual protein, and tune what the properties of that fluorescent protein were.


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  • If they all look the same to the baby, the baby will just continue to tune out, but if the red looks different the baby will perk up.


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  • So part three down there at the bottom we've got an example of polyphony where I take in the tune and set it against itself a little bit.


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  • The Greeks did it by the playing of a flute like or oboe like instrument that played a military tune that had you marching forward at the right pace.


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  • > So this tune made by one of our former students; but it doesn't have to be something written in Scratch, it doesn't have to be a game or animation it can simply be an incredibly, wonderfully way to spend time.


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  • I don't have the tune but I have the words.


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  • We talk in terms of high pitch and low pitch although we'll fine tune that next time, and then we have this idea of duration or time, which we tend to write out in symbols that move from your left to right.


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  • And, to exemplify this, one day it occurred to me well, why not take a tune that everybody knows, "Amazing Grace, " and set it in different ways to exemplify these three textures.


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  • Can you tune in to any number of designs including duffel bags, if you're the athletic type, law bears if you're more of the stuffed animal type, and then under the new category here do we have a whole bunch of meem themes shirt as well.


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out of tune 走调;不协调;(对某事)没有兴趣

in tune 一致;合调子

tune in 收听;调谐;使…协调

to the tune of 达到…数量;价格达…;共计

in tune with (与...)一致;(与...)协调

fine tune 微调,调整

carry a tune 唱歌不走调,唱得准

tune up v. 调整;调音;[口]开始演奏

put in tune 校准(小提琴等乐器的)音调  

dance to another tune vi. 改弦易辙,改变看法;改变论调

tune out v. 关掉

signature tune 信号曲;音调

out of tune with (与...)不一致;(与...)不协调

in good tune ◎合调,音调准确 , ◎(和…)一致;(与…)相处和睦,协调,融合(与with连用) , ◎[古语](对某事)有兴趣,高兴(做某事)(与for连用)  

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