• I'm fortunate to live on the beach in Santa Monica.


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  • And then some of them will try to soften and try to say, "Come on, we wanna live our own lives.


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  • I used to live on campus.


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  • And we Americans are going try to live up to them to prove that governments can in fact, be based on these values.


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  • I try to live by that on a daily basis.


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  • They have gone on to live highly prosperous lives.


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  • That chapter goes on to talk about ; the importance of engaging diversity; and God telling Adam that we live in a world ; with different beings, different parts, and different pieces; and Adam having the unique gift to be able to name those differences.


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  • so I actually get to live on the Main Green.


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  • And the myth has to do with these sort of pictures I was just describing where we don't actually live on the surface of the Earth of in the light, but rather live in certain hollows in the dark where we're mistaken about the nature of reality.


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  • If you want to live a life where you spend lots of money on fancy things, you can do that.


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  • So what you'll see in problem set 0 or problem set 1 is that you'll soon have access to what we call the CS50 cloud which is a bunch of servers that live on campus and on which you will all have a username and password.


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  • But if you can like, be stable enough to support the entire family, live on the Upper West Side, it's a class. It's a status symbol.


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  • It's post-Christian in the sense that it's hard to live in America without having some kind of exposure to Christianity and without seeing its influence on our society,on our politics, on our culture and our art,and that sort of thing.


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  • Or to live the rest of your life on a farm in Kansas?


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  • Mythologies are the lives or tales of the lives of gods, tales of the lives of the gods. In pagan religions the gods are born, and they live lives very similar to human lives but on a grand scale and then they die. They might be reborn too.


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  • I'm a Yale college student, for the purposes of this thought experiment and I live in Pierson because I need to walk a great distance to Chapel Street, to the Starbuck's on Chapel Street.


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