• +4 Because this could be three plus four, 3 times five, or it could be three, plus four times five.


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  • These materials were transmitted and developed by different circles within Israelite society over centuries, and they crystallized at different times.


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  • Now, gravity, well force, is equal to mass times acceleration, g and the acceleration due to gravity is g.


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  • And what we find out is the wavelength of a Matsuzaka fastball is 1.1 times 10 to the -31 meters.


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  • Whereas in the linear case, I make it ten times bigger, it takes ten times longer to run. OK.


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  • In any case, since Brooks does constantly use these terms, I have to overcome embarrassment and at least at times use them myself.


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  • *10^-18 1.6 times 10 to the minus 18, excuse me, 6*10^-19 we have 1.6 times 10 to the minus 19, 2.18 times 10 to the minus 18, etc.


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  • It's a ? times 5 plus ? times 0 for a total of 2.5.


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  • You keep on doing it a few times but then you say, " "Fine. It doesn't work," but what if it gave you money one out of every hundred times?


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  • One in the so called hundreds columns, a two in the so called tens column 2 so that's 10 times 1 plus 10 times 2 is 120, 123 plus 3 times 1, 123 alright, so completely uninteresting, if this is something long familiar to you, but it turns out computers work in exactly the same way.


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  • He says, "to succeed in many things or many times is 'difficult.' For instance, to repeat the same throw of dice 10,000 times would be impossible; whereas, to make it once or twice is comparatively easy."


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  • But then, I combine i times Ax with i times Bx, because that's the vector parallel to i, with the length Ax.

    然后我把 i ? Ax 和 i ? Bx 加起来,因为这是平行于 i,模长为 Ax 的矢量

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  • In this case here, our property is the value of the pressure times the volume, times the molar volume. That's the property.


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  • At times he expresses his frustration with the difficulty of his task, and resentment that it's been assigned to him.


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  • Don't be intimidated. Even though it is apparently exponential, a lot of times you can actually solve it much, much faster.


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  • And what we end up with for the energy then is 2.84 times 10 to the -19 joules.


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  • I'm going to start somewhere near the middle of the code. Again, a lot of times, people don't do that.


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  • That means our energy is equal to 6.626 times 10 to the -34 joules times seconds.


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  • RT2 So it's R T2, right, now we're at a lower temperature times log the log of V4 over V3.


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  • And in terms of equations that we use, it's sometimes easier to plug in the fact, since momentum is equal to mass times velocity.


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  • This demo works wonderfully in the winter months in Boston when we will all be full of static at all times.


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  • Yup. So it's just that ionization energy 94×10-18J that we have experimentally measured, 3 . 9 4 times 10 to the negative 18 joules.


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  • 0 And it has a mass of 9.11 times 10 to the minus 31 kilograms The charge compensation comes out of the nucleus with the proton and it is positive 1.6 times 10 to the minus 19 coulombs.


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  • Now this happens to be what we would call a linear process, because the number of times I go around the loop is directly related to the size of the argument. If I double 2 the argument, I'm going to double the number of times I go around the loop. If I increase it by five, 5 I'm going to increase by five the number of times I go around the loop.


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  • And the guys said, "Well, you know, The rooster works very hard " The rooster has sex dozens of times a day" " And she said, "Well, be sure to tell that to the president" The story goes, the president went around, the guy tells the story to the president The president asks the man, "Huh Has sex dozens of times each day ?" Same hen every time?"


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  • That's 1800 times faster. But the real one that blows me away is, it has 2 gig of memory inside of it. That's 12 thousand times more memory. Oh, and by the way?


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  • And so now we have this quantity, p times v bar, and the limit of p goes to zero is equal to a constant times the temperature.


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  • V1 This first integral is zero V1 to V1, then I get minus p2 times V2 minus V1 or p2 times V1 minus V2. Again, 0 a positive number.


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  • In the linear case, meaning in the unsorted case what's the complexity of this? k times n, right? Order n to do the search, and I've got to do it k times, so this would be k times n.


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  • I'm going to just put that in, and it's the cosine of the number times i plus sine of the number times j times R.

    我要在式子加入这个量,这个式子就等于这个值的余弦乘以 i,加上这个值的正弦乘以 j 再乘以常数 R

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many times 多次

three times 三次

several times 几次

ancient times 古代,上古

modern times 现代;近代

two times 两次

in times of 在…的时候;在…的时期

in modern times 当今;近代;现代

in ancient times 在古代

new york times 纽约时报

financial times 金融时报

number of times 时间数量,次数

times square 泰晤士广场(位于美国纽约市曼哈顿区)

in the times of 在…时期

three times a week 每周三次,一个礼拜三次

bad times [经]萧条;不景气

advance with the times 与时俱进;与时代发展同步伐

a couple of times 好几次;若干次

los angeles times 洛杉矶时报

at various times 在不同的时代

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