• Milton has to develop a poetic voice that can actually combine those two vocations, the two offices, the office of poetry and the office of ministry.


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  • And everyone at the office would get really tired because they don't have their caffeine.


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  • So the so-called lounge what you'll be able to find in just a week or so is timed with the first of the office hours if you so choose to join us for them.


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  • You guys are engineers. You are used to come to the office 10 am in the morning. No. Starting from today, you need to come 9 am in the morning and have a meeting with me."


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  • And you can go to the Princeton website and learn more about it at the Office of Religious Life website at Princeton University.


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  • If you cannot make the office hours, again, contact the recitation instructor to make other arrangements.


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  • And it is simply the person who inhabits the office, although that might be somewhat questionable in some of our recent executive decisions.


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  • Before becoming President Bush's White House Chief of Staff, he was President Bush's Director of the Office of Management and Bugdet for three years.


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  • I need to spend less time at the office and more time with my family, telling the people that I love that I love them, doing the things that are important to me, spend less time worrying about getting ahead, making money,getting the plasma TV,whatever it is.


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  • because it sounds like he spends every waking moment at the office.


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  • So Milton explains in The Reason of Church Government -he tries to mend this breach and so he argues in this treatise that "Poetry has" -and I'm quoting him here -"Poetry has a power beside the office of the pulpit."


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  • If I came to the office next week and decided domestic stocks were too high -I want to move that target down to 8% -in the way that I've described market timing, that would be a market timing move and we're very careful not to do that.


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  • so he appointed somebody to run for the office, and she won.


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  • Perhaps somebody at the office has been hitting on you.


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  • but you prefer to stay in the office,


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  • Maybe you come to the office disheveled.


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