• The pessimism sort of surprised me. So I spent some time looking for sort of a deeper positive message.


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  • you could maybe be speaking with a friend who talks about his long work hours and you are very surprised,


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  • Babies expect there to be an entire, complete bar and are surprised and look longer at the broken bar.


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  • Tolstoy draws a highly realistic and believable portrait of somebody who is surprised to discover that he's mortal.


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  • All right? If you run it, you have a sense of the upper bound, about how much time it's going to take to do this computation, so you're not going to get surprised by something showing up.


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  • Now we're not, of course, surprised by Paul's list of the virtues.


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  • It just surprised everyone so it was not a repeat of this.


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  • You might be surprised at what you find out.


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  • Surprised on the high side or the low side?


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  • I think - I see where you wouldn't see - I see where you would put it in that category and how you would be surprised to put it in that category It should be in the category because it's engineering to be able to do this, right?


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  • In fact,I've always been surprised at how broad the representation is.


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  • And I was really surprised, that was the character George.


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  • No, I haven't. For me, personally, I have been very surprised that New York has been so safe.


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  • when you allow yourself to be present in situations and be surprised from them, you know.


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  • Part of what's been bothering Franny is her frustration with acting, and that's one of the things that Lane is so surprised she has given up; it was the only thing she was passionate about.


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  • But Klawans also asserts, and I quote, that "Imitatio dei does not exhaustively explain sacrifice in ancient Israel," and in fact, we should be surprised if any one single theory would indeed explain sacrifice.


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  • Like, I think, you know, I was pretty surprised when I heard that.


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  • With nonfiction, we don't want to be surprised.


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  • But we're not asking, is it rational or irrational to not believe that your body's going to die, we're simply asking, noting the fact that, there to seem to be cases where people are surprised to discover that they're mortal.


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  • Were you guys surprised by anything that you found when you actually printed out the final details?


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  • It's an open question whether you'll believe it when this class comes to an end, but I'd be surprised if many of you believe it now.


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  • Now given this, the romance frame of Milton's Comus, - we're not surprised actually to see -- even though we don't see at the end her actually getting married, we're not surprised to see the Lady in this speech embracing the form of chastity that promises something like an eventual turn to marriage.


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  • They were totally surprised and excited, and they were thinking how could this happen, where did we got this split doublet from.


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  • Well, you won't be surprised to hear it's the same solution. So let's look at that code.


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  • Did--were people surprised by the number of calories that you total up at the end of the day?


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  • I'll bet you, even if you're reading this for the second or the third time, you were surprised again when you came to this point.


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  • The scripts, I'm surprised these on roles performances on Citizn Kane and I'm surprised he should be stagefright performing in front of camera.


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  • I think that,generally speaking -and Bob Shiller can speak to this with a lot more authority than I can this bubble was not something that should have surprised people.


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  • I was consistently surprised by how poorly I did on papers.


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  • And so he noticed they-- they're surprised by peek-a-boo.


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pleasantly surprised 惊喜

be surprised at 对…感到惊奇;使…感到意外;对……很吃惊

- 来自原声例句

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