• This is where evaluation comes in. The success or failure of a poem depends on the realization of meaning.


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  • And his fragrance smells really good. It makes you smell like money and success


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  • So I think this question is very much related to your first one about how we mistake what success really means.


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  • The story that I heard that brought home to me the message how important psychology is to wellbeing and to success.


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  • This is the last question we'll see in class on the photoelectric effect, so hopefully we can have a very high success rate here to show we are all ready to move on with our lives here.


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  • Success is 90% inspiration, 10% perspiration," it's much more balanced than that.


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  • Hardly. Does it not require those qualities of self-control, discipline, and restraint necessary to achieve success here?


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  • There's sort of a period around the age of four, four and a half, where kids make the transition from failure to success.


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  • Third, some people have said don't the successful like Gates owe a debt to society for their success that they repay by paying taxes.


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  • Well, that's a great story, and it's an example of a great success in medicine.


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  • Now if lowering the housing standards were such a success, he is now going to move onto the condos, and presumably eventually get to the apartments.


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  • In Unconventional Success, I did a study of individual behavior in their mutual fund purchases and sales around the collapse of the Internet bubble in March of 2000.


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  • If you some sort of come to the realization that you don't really need sort of material things you don't need success to be happy Just enjoy what you have.


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  • those church officials essentially appointed by Archbishop William Laud, were replaced in the early 1640s by means of the success of the Puritan revolutionaries and were replaced by presbyters: ministers who were chosen by individual congregations.


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  • He carves down the forest, he begins to cultivate the land and he declares what you got to have for success in the South is "A house, some land and some niggers."


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  • Only three hours to health and success.


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  • Okay,operation's a success.


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  • I don't think they were having very good success, but they did notice something interesting which is that the rat kept returning to the corner of the cage in which it was stimulated the day before So Olds got an interesting idea, he said, what if we let the rats stimulate in its own brain, what would happen.


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  • Many have said that the Obama presidency will be defined s success or failure in Afghanistan.


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  • You really had a remarkable success in academics, in the administrative... You've taught at great universities across the country.


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  • I am by the way at the moment trying to do the same thing in Cuba, with absolutely no success.


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  • You see, on one hand, this culture of success, You can do this, you can get rich, God wants you to be rich.


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  • Because it's not just information that determines our wellbeing, our success, our self-esteem, our motivational level, the relationship and the quality of our relationships.


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  • Again,tie to success as well as wellbeing, if we are more toward the positive side.


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  • It's about transformation, as opposed to the external information or the external success.


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  • Similarity predicts the success of a marriage and through a phenomena people aren't exactly sure about, couples become more and more similar over the course of a relationship.


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  • But it's also an example of a great success in biomedical engineering.


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  • Questions make a difference, which is why it is also important to ask the positive psychology question, which is the salutogenic question: ? "What is source of health? What is the source of success?


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  • It includes success and celebrating it.


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  • And there are many reasons for this, our success in eliminating infectious diseases as causes in the developed world.


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success in 在…方面成功

great success 巨大成功;非常成功

with success 成功地

success rate 成功率;接通率

without success 没有成功

secret of success n. 成功的秘诀

achieve success 取得成功;获得成功

success and failure 成功与失败

way to success 成功之路

road to success 成功之路;成功者之路

complete success 完全成功;彻底的胜利

make a success of 把…做得十分成功,在…上取得成功(或做出成绩)  

economic success 经济上的成功

success story n. 一个人的成名史

wish you every success 一帆风顺

meet with success 成功  

academic success 学科成就,学术成就

success probability 成功率;成功概率

feeling of success 成功感

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