• Abel is a keeper of sheep. He represents the nomadic pastoralist, unlike Cain who is the tiller of soil, so he represents more settled urban life.


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  • So, you must imagine these are successive kings who are being buried in this, what must have been, sacred soil.


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  • In Democracy in America there's that famous passage, or passages, when Tocqueville crosses the Ohio River, from Ohio into Kentucky, from free soil into slave soil, free state into a slave state.


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  • As Hanson points out, look at the difference between this and previous ways of working the soil.


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  • In Mesopotamia they usually didn't need to because the richness of the soil and so on.


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  • Every piece of that soil is necessary.


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  • Soil was being eroded and wasted along the Eastern seaboard, and they were using up the great soils of the Mississippi Valley and over time that slave system just somehow wasn't going to work out.


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  • We see him, a nobleman that he is, former king that he is, working the soil and how he does this is very illuminating, because he is clearly, according to Hanson, involved in the period after the transition away from an earlier style.


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  • The way these things work, when you are engaged in agriculture, it's natural to go first to that soil, to that patch of land which is known to be likely to produce the best land, the most fertile, the best product, the most fertile land there is.


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soil erosion n. 水土流失;土壤侵蚀;土壤流失;泥土流失

soft soil 软土,软泥地

soil water 土壤水

soil moisture 土壤水分;土壤湿度

soil fertility 土壤肥力;地力

soil conservation 土壤保持

water and soil conservation 水土保持

soil layer 土层;土壤层次

frozen soil 冻土

soil pollution 土壤污染

fertile soil 沃土,肥沃的土壤

red soil 红壤;红土

soil nutrient 土壤养分

soil mechanics 土壤力学,土质力学

sandy soil 砂土,沙质土壤

foundation soil 地基;地基土

surface soil n. 表土;(用于农耕的)地面土壤

expansive soil 膨胀土

soil pressure 土压力;土壤压力

soil structure 土壤结构;土壤构造

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