• Because both of the things are beyond the scope of people to either really effectively to describe or in any way to control.


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  • Most of our work is in higher education, But occasionally, we do do projects that go beyond that scope.


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  • It is a work comparable in scope to other literary masterworks Hamlet, Don Quixote, War and Peace, others you might think of.


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  • Now, one of these things-- one of the things that makes these theories so interesting is their scope.


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  • And so what I was hinting at earlier when you put semicolons in the wrong place, and then proceed to have curly braces around arbitrary lines of code, you're creating an even more local scope there, which is generally not the right intended behavior.


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  • So these games, these coordination games, are games where there is a "Scope for leadership."


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  • In broad scope, the first half of the class is going to be metaphysics, for those of you who are familiar with the philosophical piece of jargon.


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  • I just believe in a very limited form of democracy whereby we have a constitution that severely limits the scope of what decisions can be made democratically.


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  • More is said about this in the book I just include it here as an example, but it's sort of beyond the scope of what I wanted to talk about today.


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  • The options are a very useful technology for managing risks and I think that we'll see a rapid--Over the next few decades, we'll see rapid expansion in the scope of options contracts traded on the exchanges.


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  • It could be the pair of none, none, it could be the pair of, you know, whatever the answer was that we put up there. That value comes back out and is now available inside the scope of Barnyard. OK. And Barnyard then uses that. Question?


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  • Absolutely, by functions, but you can also create local scope with curly braces.


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  • So this issue of scope is to say that functions have scope.


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  • In many ways he is advancing a philosophic postulate of great scope and power, although the full development of the thesis is only left deeply embedded.


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  • So it turns out there's this issue of scope here.


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  • Presumably, a part of his brain quickly mobilized his faculties to scope out how to flee and how to take steps to avoid a vulnerable predicament in the future.


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  • That's changing the scope of things that you respond to.


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  • As you may well have gleaned from your reading, the first books of the poem are particularly absorbed with the idea of forgetting, because more than any other part of Paradise Lost they display so ostentatiously the remarkable scope of Milton's own memory.


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  • Now finally swap has the ability, the power, to modify memory that isn't his own, that's not in his own scope because we've passed it in by address.


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