• This is the year in which we have two dominant groups in the new revolutionary Parliament.


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  • Because the way he viewed life was completely revolutionary


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  • His father wrote for revolutionary newspapers, He was assassinated in 1922 in Europe on account of his publishing activities.


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  • This is just a general historical irony that surely at some point besets all revolutionary movements, and it's an irony that particularly appalled John Milton.


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  • This is a key moment in the evolution of revolutionary politics in Russia as we shall see a little later on.


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  • He sees, specifically, the passion of the revolutionary's act and he finds it beautiful.


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  • My ideas I could say are evolved more than changed in a revolutionary fashion.


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  • One is that he's just re-arranged an equation here and gotten both his PhD thesis and a Nobel Prize, but I think the more representative way to think about this is the real revolutionary idea that he put forth, which is that matter can actually behave as a wave.


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  • The Bible's radically new conception of the divine, its revolutionary depiction of the human being as a moral agent, its riveting saga of the nation of Israel, their story, has drawn generations of readers to ponder its meaning and message.


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  • There's something to it, because things happened in this period that are revolutionary in the arts, in the thinking of people, philosophy is going to be invented in Miletus probably in this sixth century B.C.


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  • Machiavelli was a revolutionary.


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  • I could have brought it to class and showed it to you, but this was issued during the Revolutionary War to help finance the war.


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  • Maybe not quite as revolutionary as the computer,but close.


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  • Milton -- and we know this -- Milton was a political revolutionary, and when he anticipated writing the great poem, he consistently imagined that it would be a poem on a nationalist theme.


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  • A minority government of revolutionary Puritans had effectively taken control of the state. The radical Puritan Parliament voted to execute the tyrant -- what they considered to be the tyrant, King Charles I -- and to establish its own government.


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  • Milton was a revolutionary.


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  • These were very young scientists, of course, so what you would expect that they would do, which makes sense, is go to someone more established in their field, because they have the completely radical revolutionary idea, let's just run it by someone before we go ahead and publish this paper that makes this huge statement about this fourth quantum number.


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  • We tend to think of this as an old fuddy-duddy document, it's outdated, has outdated ideas, and I think the challenge of this course is that you read the Bible with fresh eyes so that you can appreciate it for what it was, in many ways what it continues to be: a revolutionary, cultural critique.


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  • A writer like Mary Astell can employ Milton's revolutionary rhetoric to advance a cause to which John Milton himself would of course ; have had difficulty subscribing; a dead Milton could exercise a social power that had nothing whatsoever to do with the living Milton's own social views.


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  • Is this guy a revolutionary or is he a reactionary?


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  • What is so new and revolutionary about monotheism?


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  • What was revolutionary about, or innovative, ? about Hobbes' political science?


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  • Well according to one school of thought ; there isn't anything particularly revolutionary about monotheism; and the classical account of the rise of monotheism, that has prevailed for a very long time, runs as follows, and I have a little flow chart here to illustrate it for you.


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revolutionary war n. 美国之革命战争

revolutionary committee 革命委员会

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