• So, The Norton Anthology, this book, this heavy book, I order it as a way to, well, reduce your expenses.


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  • the United States announced a target to reduce its emissions by 17% below 2005 levels in 2020.


    对全球变暖的政策 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • There's plainly a tendency in modern literary theory to reduce all the tropes of rhetoric to just these two terms.


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  • And one thing that seems intrinsically bad, one thing that seems to reduce the value of a life, is pain.


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  • OK. And then the exponentials, as you saw is when typically I reduce the problem of one size into two or more sub-problems of a smaller size.


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  • That's a very specific health claim that that company is making, that eating Honey Nut Cheerios will allow you to reduce your cholesterol.

    这是一个很特别的健康宣示,那家公司所生产的,吃坚果甜麦片 会让你降低胆固醇

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  • Risk pooling means they put a lot of people with independent or low-correlated risk into a pool and reduce the risk for the whole pool.


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  • It's not just that we need to reduce our indenpendence on foreign oil.


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  • I cannot reduce the number of dimensions.


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  • If you pass a function in C, a value that it's not expecting bad things happen and bad things generally reduce to segfault.


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  • Plus, it removes unnecessary cars from the road, which of course will reduce pollution.


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  • If you stop and be aware of your breath, it would reduce the likelihood of going to have the spiral feeling like that. -Thank you.


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  • And he argued that we act so as to reduce dissonance.


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  • We've found that stimulation, electrical stimulation deep in the brain can help patients that have Parkinson's Disease and can reduce the tremors and loss of muscle control that many patients with Parkinson's Disease use.


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  • A thousand economists, from leading universities across the country sign a public appeal to congressman and president, not to pass this bill, that it would not do what they said it would do, it would not reduce unemployment, it would in fact lead to retaliation it would make it harder for Americans to sell goods to other countries.


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  • You reduce a lot of the health risks, if you exercise often.


    It's important 实战 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • if developing countries do not take some action to reduce their trajectories,


    全球变暖和发达国家 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • So, if you could make automobiles with a high magnesium content, you would reduce the mass, reduce the energy required, and thereby reduce the environmental impact.


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  • Conceivably, some of them might reduce the badness of death, in some way.


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  • Now this is what Derrida is deliberately struggling with in this first paragraph: an "event" , if this loaded word did not entail a meaning thought to reduce or to suspect.


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  • Is that something that increases the badness of death, ? or does it reduce its significance somewhat?


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  • And then, three: if not, reduce to a smaller problem, and repeat.


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  • For any given level of return, you can reduce the risk; for any given level of risk, you can increase the return; sounds pretty good.


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  • And x0 I'm going to reduce to 0 by choice of my origin being here.

    0 等于零,因为我把原点取在这里

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  • Now, figure in the fact that smoking is playing a role, physical activity is playing a role, still just changing fruit and vegetable consumption potentially could reduce heart disease worldwide by this much: stroke by 19% and some cancers by as much as 20%.


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  • How do I reduce this to a smaller-size problem in the same instant?


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  • I'm using exactly the same form to reduce this.


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  • So, the optimal thing to do if you live in a world like this n is to get n as large possible and you can reduce the standard deviation of the portfolio very much and there's no cost in terms of expected return.


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  • Linear algorithms tend to be things where, at one pass-through, you reduce the problem by a constant amount by one. If you reduce it by two, 1 it's going to be the same thing.


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reduce pollution 降低污染

reduce weight 整形美容减肥

reduce waste 减少浪费

reduce by 减少了

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