• What is literacy? Literacy is more than the ability to read and write and some of your competition skills.


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  • Because, I mean after all, who are children but people who are learning how to read and to write.


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  • You need to be able to read that code and understand it as well as write your own.


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  • And that concept is really to either write information into the brain and the nerve system or read information out of the brain and the nerve system.


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  • He didn't even begin to fulfill what we can think of as his epic promise until he was nearly fifty years old, until he had actually lost the use of his eyes, until he could no longer read, and until he could no longer use a pen to write.


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  • But it's amazing to read the letters and the language of slave traders when they write to each other, the complacency, the mixture of just pure racism on the one hand and just business language on the other.


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  • I wrote it down because I wanted to write it down and read it if you want.


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  • They are prohibited being taught how to read and write.


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  • So as the particles on the disk that get the current in the read/write head moving put together millions of these magnetized segments and you've got a file.


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  • By the way, all the names that I read and that are not on the power points, you don't need to remember or write down.


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  • you know, read about something about the humanities and write about it afterwards


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  • We don't expect everybody to be a course six major, contrary to popular opinion, so for those are you not in that category, the second thing we want to do is we want to help students who don't plan to major in course six to feel justifiably confident in their ability to write and read small pieces of code.


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