• Government is expensive "and it's fit that everyone who enjoys his share of the protection " should pay out of his estate."


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  • it's a little cheaper than most people would pay and also like little further out, so.


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  • The company has to have enough money on hand to pay out in the case of default.


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  • So far he's never had to pay out.


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  • And I guess they say you pay for the luxuries of life out here,


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  • When they left, Julius Caesar, out of his own pocket, gave every soldier in those legions a year's pay.


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  • I'm not sure if they make you pay a deposit, but I think you can just check them out, and then you'll have them for the semester.


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  • You can sign up with the Salem Fire Corporation, pay a yearly subscription fee, and if your house catches on fire, they will come and put out the fire.


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  • You can just get a loan out and pay it all at the end.


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  • and then they pay for your school, and then when you get out,


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  • The other is I take a mortgage, I buy a house, I pay it off, I go into a heavy indebtedness but with a good rational reason and it all works out in the end.


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  • Capital is the money that they have to pay out should there be a -its assets that they can quickly liquefy and pay out should there be a run on the bank.


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  • They used to pay out typically like 80% of their earnings but it's been gradually going downward and now it's down to like 40%.


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  • You used to get checks in the mail; now you go on a website and you'll see that your dividends are credited to your account, but money is growing in your account as companies pay out dividends.


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  • When you pay out stock dividends you would think that now there are more shares, everyone divides by the larger number of shares, and the value of the company goes down; it's not going to work to pay a stock dividend.


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  • They should have been watching, under Reagan, because if you let them pay high interest rates you better watch out that they don't make risky loans if you're insuring them.


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  • The goldsmith in your town writes out a note saying, I will pay to the bearer of this note so much gold, and then the bearer could be anyone.


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