• Right. I would say as I reflect back on my college experiences and those listening in the audience should know, I graduated from college 45 years ago.


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  • You could stay at my place until you get back on your feet again.


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  • If I place my container of gas on the table here, and I come back an hour later, the pressure needs to be the same when I come back Otherwise it's not equilibrium.


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  • This is a point of view specifically associated in Yeats's late poetry particularly, but not only, old women, as he says on page 886, back in that General Introduction for My Work.


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  • He also did it from the El Camino Community College Library because he thought, I'll be careful, I won't issue this fake press release on my own computer because they might be able to track me back to my own computer.


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  • Talking that way assumes that when you put the body back together, when God puts the body back together on Judgement Day, that that's still my body.


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  • There are nine keys for my left thumb alone so I'm kind of switching between these on the back here and many others, and because of that I can go very high and I'll just demonstrate that.


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  • And if I were to use that again, I'd just put it on your handout, I could go back and rewrite that thing that I had previously for finding the square roots of the perfect squares, just using the FOR loop. OK. What I want to do, though, is go on to-- or, sorry, go back to - my divisor example.


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