• So where we had left off with was we'd fully discussed up to the point of considering homonuclear diatomic molecules, so molecules that both have the same nucleus.


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  • With that in mind, I want to point up to the two quotations that I put on the board to start us off today: "I like his eyes.


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  • He's living, at this point, at Woburn Place, Yeats is, in London, where one of the bombs went off in London two summers ago, right outside Yeats's house.


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  • Everything from the decimal point over gets chopped off.


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  • When an action potential comes down this pre-synaptic axon, when it reaches this point here, it sets off the process of these vesicles dumping their content into the synaptic cleft.

    当动作电位到达轴突的突触前膜时,当到达这一点时 小泡就将其内含物,排放到突触间隙中去

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  • Some of the most important fascinating studies in the field of psychology where a person off the street was told by an experimenter to shock another person, even to the point where the other person is screaming to stop.


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  • OK. What does that say? I'm going to change MinIndex min index to also point there n value is 8, j starts off here, and I say, OK, is the thing I'm looking at here smaller than that? Yes.


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  • z And what you need to remember is if the z 8 is equal to eight or greater, such as oxygen being the cut-off point, this sigma 2 p orbital is actually lower in energy than the pi 2 p orbitals, the molecular orbitals.


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