• But it turns out that technologies like airplanes, which were developed in the last century, have become integral parts of medicine.


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  • I think you could go so far as to say without Charles Darwin, we wouldn't even have modern medicine.


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  • So this is the cover of the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the most famous and influential medical journals in the world.


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  • Students come from education, business, law, medicine, etc, bringing in their own credentials with them.


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  • And it is fairly normal for doctors to say, because this child has these problems, we're not going to treat the child with all the modern technology that medicine makes available.


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  • We haven't gotten rid of those problems yet, in spite of modern medicine.


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  • which has one part with a collection of things that have to do with medicine and being a doctor


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  • Yeah, so I want to go into medicine, I told you earlier.


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  • Why don't you take the medicine and rest all day?


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  • There are people who are dying of diseases for which there are known cures because they don't have the best medicine, which are often not even expensive but they're living in such poverty.


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  • is good medicine, good medicine for the cold.


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  • It's a type of holistic medicine.


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  • He was up for the Nobel Prize in medicine and in literature; didn't get either one of them; didn't get the prize in medicine because Albert Einstein-- Everybody loves Albert Einstein.


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  • If so how? And once again he puts forward different arguments; in Book II chapter 8 he compares law to other arts and sciences and suggests why sciences such as medicine and has exhibited progress this should be true for law.


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  • Well, that's a great story, and it's an example of a great success in medicine.


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  • In many ways that is what prevented medicine is about.


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  • This is mainly a research tool now, but there's lots of reasons to believe that this is going to change the way that physicians practice medicine by allowing them to diagnose or predict what's going to happen to you in ways that they can't currently.


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  • I have medicine in the cabinet, you should take it.


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  • This is one example that, without fail, people would say is a marvel of medicine and bioengineering, but that it's still something to keep track of.


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  • you may love the theory of medicine,


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  • Well, it would be useful because if I could take cells from the skin, find stem cells in the skin and then de-differentiate them so that they were now capable of becoming liver, or brain, or things that they're not going to become in their normal site, then that could be a very powerful tool for medicine.


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  • And there are some communities that are frankly suspicious of Western medicine and don't want people to come in with their modern approaches and feed things to members of their community.


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chinese medicine 中医

traditional medicine 传统医学;传统医药

western medicine 西医;西药

herbal medicine 草药医学,草药

modern medicine 现代医学

clinical medicine 临床医学

chinese herbal medicine 中药;中草药;中药材

take medicine 吃药;服药

internal medicine 内科医学,内科

preventive medicine [医]预防医学

veterinary medicine 兽医

nuclear medicine 核医学

sports medicine 运动医学

take the medicine 吃药

alternative medicine 非传统医学

forensic medicine 法医学

patent medicine 成药;专利药品

emergency medicine 急诊医学;应急医学

rehabilitation medicine 康复医学;复健医学

liquid medicine 药水,药液

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