• So, anything on the left side of the equation is called a reactant, and anything on the right side of the equation is called a product.


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  • It's says find the mid-point and split the list in half. Copy of the back end, sorry, copy of the left side, copy of the right side.


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  • All the land between the water on the left side and a long, long way has been reclaimed from the sea.


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  • On the left side as you look at it are what of my think is more traditional way of thinking about educational processes.


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  • So all that Bohr, for example, had to go on at this point was a more classical picture of the atom, as you can see on the left side of the screen there, which is the idea that the electrons orbiting the nucleus.


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  • Now the trace you notice on the left side has very few and very sharp deflections.


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  • Different kinds of polarity form, there's a head, and there's a tail, there's a back, there's a front, there's a left side and there's a right side.


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  • Adam will tell us later -- this is in Book Eight when Adam recounts for us the creation of Eve -- that God: op'n'd up my left side, and took he Rib He form'd and fashion'd with his hands.


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  • I think it's the left side-- The left side of the brain.


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  • So, your right hemisphere controls the left side of the body.


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  • It's tabulated in books, and this we can measure p in the experiment. Delta p here is the change in pressure from the left side to the right side, and we can put a thermometer, measure the temperature before the experiment and measure the temperature after the experiment.


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  • On the left hand side is my palette of puzzle pieces or building blocks and those are the things.


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  • Depending on how far the planet is from the Sun and where it's located, you will get the left-hand side.


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  • Pass to the left bank and the scene changes so suddenly that you think yourself on the other side of the world.


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  • I'm sorry, I don't understand since the left hand side of your equation does not equal the right hand side, isn't that discount, not price?


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  • Those of you in public health and there are some grad students here have probably heard this discussion before, but you guys aside, can anybody guess what might be explaining this relationship over in the left hand side?


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  • It's going down the left side of this.


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  • You walk in the front door, Christ in majesty -on the left side are the damned writhing and on the right side are the blessed looking a good deal happier.


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  • Again, it's not paralysis, it's not blindness, but due to certain parts of your--of damaged parts of your brain, you might lose, for instance, the idea that there's a left side of your body or a left side of the world.


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  • Our piston on the right side here fully out, and the piston on my right side, your left side, fully inside. There's no gas p1 on that side here. So there's p2 sitting here.


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  • string name= On the left hand side string name equals, well, name what would we call this thing called name, in general, using last week's nomenclature?


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  • Well, you want to measure the left-hand side and you want to measure the right-hand side.


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  • I chose Bubble Sort on the left Selection Sort on the right and then something called merge sort on the very right hand side and then I started this all off roughly at the same time and what was frankly striking at least to me at the time was, my God it's done.


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