• We could really I think make large scale of extreme poverty the thing in the past.


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  • Hanson says and I'm quoting him, "The real beginning in the West of individual property holding on a large scale is what he is describing."


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  • And so in the 1940s, a group of people led by Collier started to develop a large scale production method for making a reliable source of vaccinia virus.


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  • I think it's whether or not the prisoner's cooperate in the sentence they have, and if they kind of rat out the other person, then they can have less; but if both rat out, then they like end up losing large scale.


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  • Of course, with large-scale industrialization, which begins in the middle of the eighteenth century, you'll see this dramatic shift up to the north.


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  • You can take a problem that might be relatively intuitive to solve but when you scale this thing up as is increasingly the case in the web, in large data systems, and so forth, you actually have to now think smart, you actually have to think efficiently and you have to solve this problem effectively.


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  • And archaeology supports this picture of merging of peoples, a picture of the merging of peoples, rather than conquest or even large-scale immigration, because the new settlements in this period show such continuity with the past, not a complete break, not the initiation of something radically new.


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  • Remember that these cells are relatively large compared to bacteria and so diffusion doesn't occur very quickly over this length scale.


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