• There are definitions based on form, circularity, symmetry, economy of form, lack of economy of form, and repetition.


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  • the fact that the only problem you're having is the lack of what your expressing and need for.


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  • The dietary laws are presented by the priests not as a sensible way to avoid various diseases that are caused by the lack of refrigeration in the desert.


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  • So basically, that transport cost is now the lack of pleasure caused by drinking a product that isn't perfect for me.


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  • To question those beliefs would seem to exhibit a kind of lack of civic faith faith in our ruling opinions.


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  • Matt. - So Matt, for you, what bothers you is not the cannibalism but the lack of due process.


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  • Then when I am talking to young people about Columbine they almost always understand it in the context of school bullying in the context of parental neglect in the context of kids' lack of self-esteem and dignity.


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  • Don't you feel it in certain details: the eerie lack of people in this place? "No one left and no one came."


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  • There's always this veneer of innocence, or lack of learning, or lack of sophistication; so, she is presenting herself as a simple person.


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  • This lack of emotions on this on a TV series does not hurt them much.


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  • You have some kind of a lord, I mean a king, for lack of a better name, a monarch who fundamentally rules and everybody is subject to him.


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  • Food's more important than family, right. What about how fast the sort of lack of control and now I can kind of binge on it or eat it, I don't even have to wait until the family sits down to eat.


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  • You can use this to express possession or a lack of possession of anything. Tangible or intangible.


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  • But this is where for lack of a better term non-western countries really formally challenged at the highest levels and the lowest, too.


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  • There is a blunting in this activation, and this blunting is correlated with this schizophrenic self-reported lack of desire negative symptorms.


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  • Like the Russian formalists--and in a way like the New Critics -talking about their "academic" colleagues, Saussure is vexed by the messiness and lack of system in the study of linguistics.


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