• So, if something cycles through five wavelengths in a single second, we would just say that the frequency of that wave is five per second.


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  • And I'm going to show you an example in a 1 second, just to drive this home, but notice the characteristics. In the first two cases, the problem reduced by 1 at each step.


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  • But in terms of SI units, which become much more useful if you're actually trying to use intensity in a problem and cancel out your units, we're just talking about joules per second is what intensity is.


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  • This is actually just, in part, just a review of what we talked about in the second lecture.


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  • Now, this is underwhelming with what you can do in just a second in this particular language.


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  • Well, this is the original food guide pyramid, it's supplemented by a more recent version and I'll show you in just a second.


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  • It was a threat to hierarchy and the South became quite distinctively a very hierarchical society more on that in just a second.


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  • Now, in fact, that's as far as we can get with dominance arguments in this particular game, but nevertheless, let's just stick with it a second.


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  • I will tell you more about it in a just second.


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  • Now, the good news in all of this is the studies that looked at physical attractiveness in this way were just looking at what predicts a second date after a first date.


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  • Now, I've talked to you essentially about the economic aspect of this phenomenon and I'd like to turn next-- give me a second here I just want to find out where I am in this.


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  • I can only imagine though, at this point in the semester, what will become Milton's eventual championing of marriage is pretty hard to imagine, in part because we're just devoting our second class to a literary work given almost entirely to the virtue of chastity.


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  • google Imagine you want to search through Google to find a particular page. You want to do it in a second. And you're going to just do it the brute force way, assuming you could even reach all of those pages in that time.


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  • So just write it down, and I'll give you the numbers in just a second.


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  • Remember we have to put one in each degenerate orbital before we double up on any orbital, so just keep that rule in mind that we would fill one in each p orbital before we a to the second one.


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  • Now, just to repeat, again I know I've got some math phobics in the audience, let me just slow down a second, all I'm doing here is I'm saying look at this equation of the pink line, look at this equation of the blue line, X is when they cross, i.e., they are equal to each other.


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