• According to Freud, the-- it's not a fixation in the stage, in the same sense as an oral or anal stage, but yes.


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  • but a little bit anxious for the next stage in life to kind of,


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  • Namely in the stage where all the cells are PAX2 positive.


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  • He understood the interaction of particles of matter, and that's important to set the stage for the Rutherford experiment in Manchester about 10 years later.


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  • So, it's a cool finding of that stage, suggesting a limitation in how you deal and make sense of the world.


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  • Let me come off the stage a second, so I can encourage you to get involved in the discussion.


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  • The scripts are in the middle, the sprites are on the right hand side, so when I have the stage selected at the moment, I'm seeing the script that are associated with sort of the whole program itself, the so called stage.


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  • ReadFloat We'll look at it in a second. Let me sort of set the stage up for this -- suppose I want to input -- I'm sorry I want you as a user to input a floating point number.


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  • Now think of it: if Milton had been the servant, he wouldn't even have made it to the stage of burying the stupid coin in the earth.


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  • I'm asking rather in pointing to the 2010 car stage I mean to be picking out an entire extended through time entity. The car.


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  • The S&P 500 is 500 companies, who are major companies, so these tend to be mature companies and they tend to be in the dividend-paying stage.


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  • So, this is the stage at which you prevent disease in the Salk vaccine.


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  • States stand to one another on the world stage as individuals do in the condition of nature; that is to say, potential enemies with no higher authority by which to adjudicate their conflicts.


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  • The teaching fellows right after the class will put up on the stage sheets of paper that are broken down by parts of the alphabet, so make sure you have your names on the concept sheet because you're getting grades for these, and then just put them up in the relevant part of the alphabet that you see on the stage.


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  • So for Wellhausen, the Priestly source, which emphasizes cult and ritual logically it had to represent a late degenerate stage in the evolution of Israelite religion, because priestly ritualistic cultic practices, these are degenerations.


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  • One experiment a post doc of mine did was he took these cells and injected them back in to the ear into the otic vesicle at the stage where we think the cells are in development.


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