• This of course brings us to the issue of "gaps" and the role that they play in the act of reading as Iser understands it.


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  • They are un-individuated, if that makes any sense, in the act of sexual union. There is the unutterable sexual rush that can only come about through total corporeal enjambment.


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  • In the first account in Genesis 1, The creation of human is clearly the climactic divine act: after this God can rest.


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  • In other words, only if we really are sure that the historicist act of reading is effective and works, if I know the meaning of a text. Well, fine.


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  • There is social, which is the study of how people act in groups, how people act with other people.


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  • The right thing to do individually or collectively is to maximize, act in a way that maximizes the overall level of happiness.


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  • Because the algorithm I proposed is going to leverage this idea of recursion which recall was just a piece of jargon we tossed out at the last-- at the end of last week's lecture, last time's lecture recursion really in this context refers to the act of a function calling it's self.


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  • And just as in that earlier poem the act of fishing is symbolically resonant "The Fisherman" is an image of man searching the depths of the world for the wisdom that hides beneath the surface of things.


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  • However, that all changed in 2003 with the Jobs and Growth Tax Reconciliation Act of 2003, which cut the rate of taxation of dividends to 15%-- the same rate that capital gains are taxed.


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  • That's right. That's an example, as we talked about in the last class, of the act of keeping records influencing the accuracy of the records, because you're prone to do things differently then what your typical eating might be because you're keeping the records.


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  • But he also obviously writes that we are beings with will and purpose who are uniquely guided by opinions, ideas, and doctrines and it is in many ways the first business of the sovereign to act as a moral reformer of ideas.


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  • In resistance to the Fugitive Slave Act the state of Wisconsin enacted a Personal Liberty Law that said they were not going to enforce the Fugitive Slave Act and turn in fugitive slaves, and the justification was that it was their state's right to do so.


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  • But the most central act of eating, of course, in Milton's great epic obviously has nothing to do with angels.


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  • And the creation of woman, as I said, is in fact the climactic creative act in the second Genesis account.


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  • It's in response to what was deemed to be the chaotic condition of English religious culture that the Presbyterian-led Parliament issued in 1643 the Licensing Act.


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  • Consequentialist moral reasoning locates morality in the consequences of an act, in the state of the world that will result from the thing you do.


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