• The next day there was still no ship in sight so Dudley told Brooks to avert his gaze and he motioned to Stevens that the boy, Parker, had better be killed.


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  • Mathematically, it's done by taking the expression for R and differentiating everything in sight that can be differentiated as vector t.

    从数学上看是这样的,写出 R 的表达式,并对所有可以进行矢量微分的部分,对时间 t 求微商

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  • In all my dreams, before my helpless sight, He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning.


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  • The next sight is when we look at a mother-daughter relationship in this culture.


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  • God's extremely peculiar configuration of the human body You read this and you realize that Samson is really on to something here Why didn't, we ask with Samson God implant the sense of sight in human beings just as he implanted the sense of touch or feeling?


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  • And what this is in a very general sense is the learning of an association between one stimulus and another stimulus, where stimulus is a technical term meaning events in the environment like a certain smell or sound or sight.


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  • We see his conflicting emotions both to see and not to see, a sense that he wished to observe and yet he is at, in some ways, at war with himself, knowing to gawk, to stare at this sight.


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