• Given the thesis about recycling, then, we have reason to believe the soul will continue to exist after we break.


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  • I started thinking, you know what, the reason why in the United States we have such a problem,


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  • Well, Plato's very next argument attempts to persuade us that indeed we do have reason to believe that the soul is one of the prior-existing pieces.


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  • The state of nature fully continues, in many ways, oddly even in civil society, he says, whenever we have reason to believe that our lives or our properties or ourselves are not secure.


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  • You don't have it, you don't have any immunity to smallpox, you don't have any reason to immunity to smallpox.


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  • For that reason, if you wanted to win a court case, it helped-- - or have somebody represent you in politics or all kinds of things-- it helped to have strong patrons.


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  • I could have just done this, and the only reason I didn't here is just because now I look - at this, and now it's just getting confusing for me -- even for someone who's been programming for a while.


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  • And the reason that that's the case is, what we don't have, are two important things.


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  • Nobody really sees the reason for this; it's all a question of theory, so we have to think a little bit about theory.


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  • Now the number one reason, and we have to acknowledge it up front, is usually economically there's no alternative or people believe there's no alternative.


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  • Not at the same time, but the reason we have any written evidence at all is that there was some kind of conflagration that produced a fire that baked clay into pottery.


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  • So, not at a horribly advanced age, I would like to think, he went to Lyon, which was a capital of the Resistance because they have all these things called traboules in Lyon, was one reason--they're passageways where you'd keep the silk, raw silk dry.


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  • So, in terms of finishing our Lewis structure, we're actually not done yet here, even though we have full octets, and we've used up all of our valence electrons, and the reason is because it's c n minus, so we need to make sure that that's reflected in our Lewis structure, so let's put it in brackets here, and put a minus 1.


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  • I don't think that's a very good reason because you choose to- either way you have to choose who dies because you either choose to turn and kill the person, which is an act of conscious thought to turn, or you choose to push the fat man over which is also an active, conscious action.


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  • And, you have to have reason to do so.


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  • Socrates says, "No. On the contrary, we do have reason, based on the argument from recollection, to conclude that the soul was around before we were born."


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