• For example, how much would you have to be paid to have one upper front tooth pulled out?


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  • So if the waves are good out in front of the house, I just get up, walk across the street.


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  • You might want to get that out in front of you because we're going to talk a little bit about the flood story in Genesis 6 through 9.


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  • I need you tear not the page out; I need you to tear this phone book in half in front of 500 of your peers.


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  • At the end of the first round, I've got the smallest element at the front. At the end of the second round, I've got the smallest two elements at the front, in fact I got all of them sorted out. And it actually runs through the loop multiple times, making sure that it's in the right form.


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  • Now once again you--you're out here in front.


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  • And the customer in front of you in line has so many items to check out.


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  • No one's raising their hand, but I know some of you did because I got it in front of me, at least four of you did and I won't read out those names yet, but I might read them out next time.


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  • Everything was so big. And I remember also the statues out front.


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  • But just to be really clear, I've written out exactly which equations you do have to memorize on the front here, so long as you know those, the rest you can just look up.


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  • People have attention anomalies, so they don't go out and see all the information and if you don't put it up front, then they'll never find it.


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  • And I can obviously do the other direction which is I can say skip to index 2 and all the remaining pieces. This lets me slice out, if you like, the front part or back part or a middle part of the tuple as I go along.


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