• Well a number of you have spent this past week playing with this particular tool which is a project the course has been working on for some time in an effort to make it easier and more social to actually shop for courses.


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  • For example, let's pretend that you are speaking with a friend who had been studying for a test for some time.


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  • Another thing that they want to do, ?? which has been talked about for some time. Yes?


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  • Let's say you have been a runner for some time and you have been running daily


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  • These things run for variable amounts of time because they take input, a list of size of some amount.


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  • The pessimism sort of surprised me. So I spent some time looking for sort of a deeper positive message.


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  • Cells can stop in their lifetime at some point in the cell cycle and persist for long periods of time.


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  • At the time, they were getting ready for the Olympics in Nagano so we were able to also tie in some information about the Olympics as well.


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  • And if we wish to continue this analogy, and I certainly do, between the poet Milton and the virgin Lady, we can see that this is a release that John Milton the poet has been waiting some time for.


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  • I'm actually going to skip over this for reasons of time and just go to some examples of the unconscious in modern psychology.


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  • The rest of today and some of next time talking about the question of, ? well, what is it for a life to go well?


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  • If you know that, that may be enough for quite some time.


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  • You really have, therefore, for in some way the first time in history, a dream of making all of his empire basically universal, a dream of a universal vision, for one world, under one kind of culture, one kind of language.


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  • So the point I'm suggesting is that many of Socrates' students and associates including Plato himself had some connection with this oligarchical government that had ruled Athens for a brief time.


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  • And it's a topic I want to pick up on today, we're going to do for the next few lectures, and it's a topic I want to spend some time on because this idea of capturing data and methods, the term we're going to use for it, but data and functions that belong to that data, things that can be used to manipulate them, is a really powerful one.


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  • I also associated it with Christmas time for some reason.


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