• This image of the afterlife is founded on the orthodox figure for eternity. The body stays to the earth while the soul, like the day-star, rises to the sky.


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  • for example, in the exams I take time to like figure out what words I want to use


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  • So let's figure out the bond order for our two molecules here that we figured out the electron configuration for.


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  • And the figure of the poetic rewards for chastity continues to surface throughout Milton's early works.


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  • They don't sit in the box for a while and mull it over and then figure out how to do it.


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  • And so if you choose to elect the hacker edition of this week's problem set the challenge will be to figure out not only how to implement the game but how to implement a solver for the game.


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  • Now to make that lower-of-the-two-prices comment a little bit more rigorous, let's figure out what the demand actually is for these firms.


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  • His desire for the intellectual download from Chad is not what's going to make him the figure of the new language for Sal.


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  • You've got to decide, all right? This is, you can talk to your neighbors, you know do a little bit of thinking. And I'm going to give you ten seconds to figure this out, what your vote is for that.


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  • People use bin packing algorithms to figure out, for example, how to load up container ships.


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  • Well, for our purposes, both are correct and we'll know how to figure this out on tests.


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  • Redleaf was able to figure out who was going to get hit for the backdating scandal before other people did and then that was an advantage.


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  • That's one for an anthropologist to figure out.


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  • For instance, in historical times when the Greeks referred to the great King of Persia, who was a real king and a powerful figure, a king in every sense, the word they used for him was Basileus.


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  • This was known for a long time, but it took Mr. Einstein to figure out why nature is behaving in that fashion.


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  • You might not want to know all of it and that's a really complicated question for an individual to figure out and a complicated question for society to figure out, what you want to make of available in the regard.


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  • trying to figure out what to do for the next couple of hours.


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  • And if we go on to step three where we figure out how many we would need for full octets, it's just going to be 2 times 8, so we have 16.


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  • And thanks to our equation simplified here, it's very easy for us to figure out what actually the allowed energy levels are.


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  • So, let's just figure this out for some of the examples we did, so for the cyanide anion.


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  • The challenge for you is to figure out: well, what do we do with those novels?


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  • The staff can still figure out who you are in order to help you most effectively but as for your classmates, they'll just see you and your questions as student.


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  • Here you are, you're working for Mckinsey, you've been hired by Joe Smith and Ann blogs to figure out their strategy, working on a problem in a team on working on my homework assignments.


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  • This is actually a recurrent figure in the early poems, isn't it wonderful that there's a term for being turned to marble?


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  • Alright, I can figure this out it's made for like ages 5 and up so, oh, my gosh!


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  • this should be a pretty quick thing for you to figure out, so let's just take 10 seconds on this.


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  • So things that are good candidates for divide And conquer are problems where it's easy to figure out how to divide down, and the combination is of little complexity.


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  • Let me come down hazardously off this stage, and figure out-- Let's get the mics up a bit for a second, we can get some mics ready.


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  • Step three in our Lewis structure rules is to figure out how many electrons we would need in order for every single atom in our molecule to have a full valence shell.


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  • And the last thing we do for any of our structures to check them and figure out are these valid or not valid, are these good Lewis structures is to check the formal charge.


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